………….dry as a bone!  The husband and I took a long walk the other day, down along the river, just to see what was there.

It was a beautiful clear and crisp fall day, and once you get past our property, the river is pretty much dried up. So, we were able to walk the length of it- for a few miles anyway. It’s so much fun just moseying  along, but then you have to remember – you have to walk back!!!

I managed to take a few pictures along the way – and of course, the camera batteries died on the way back!

We passed a pumpkin vine growing across the riverbed – so that kind of tells you how long it’s been dry at that end of the river!! There were two immature pumpkins still on the frostbitten vine!

Saw two fresh water snail shells artfully posed on a river rock around a skeletal leaf imprint. I swear I didn’t pose them – that’s how I found them!

One picture is a “where’s Waldo” kind of shot – see if  you can find the possum remains in the picture!

There were some curious cows watching us from their safe vantage point behind the barbed wire. When we climbed up the bank to get back on the road, their ‘teenaged’ calves took a great interest in us! They started running together and following us – which was a little disconcerting at first. The husband was making fun of me -what kind of a country girl was I – afraid of a few baby cows?!! But, there was an overwhelming amount of them – and I have seen what mama cows can do – if they feel their babies are being threatened in any way!!! Humans usually come thru that way in a vehicle – not on foot! The calves were just curious – and probably thought we were going to feed them, but as we passed their barn and they saw no food – the group banded up and took off full speed ahead for the fields! I did get one shot of them following us – just as the camera batteries died for good!

We are supposed to get rain tonite and tomorrow – possibly 2 inches, so over the weekend, the Shoemaker River should start flowing again!



Floating fall foliage…………………

Nature's art

 Dry river bed

                                                          Riverbed punkins!
We are being watched!
Where’s Waldo? Poor Waldo!
All is well and waiting for rain, at Mountain Meadows tonite…………………………………
Happiness is a place between too little and too much…………………….Finnish proverb (thanks Patty!)