I would love to claim credit for this photo – but I can’t!!! It is just a random photo from the internet.

We have a resident pair of hawks who hang around our property. I can never get close enough to get a good picture, but did get to watch one for the first time this morning, thru my living room window!!

The dogs alerted me to an ‘intruder’ outside – and at first, I saw nothing. But as my eyes went skyward – there was the “intruder” sitting on the electrical wire- one of a pair of large beautiful hawks who have been hanging around since last year.

It is most likely a red tailed hawk- pictured above. it is kind of hard to tell- because he is always on the wire when the sun is shining in my eyes! When either of the two sit on the posts in the paddock, they are too far away for me to get a good look.

 He (or she) watched the grass intently this morning, and then did swoop down and catch something. He ate, then resumed his perch a little farther down on the wire.

The blue jays are a constant irritant, swooping and dive bombing him – but apparently they are not on his breakfast menu!! He is more interested in the mice, voles, and other things crawling thru the tall grass!

I have heard the pair in the woods along the river. When the trees are bare, I will have to walk along the riverbank and see if I can spot a nest!

The hawks’ presence will make it difficult for me to have free range chickens – unless I can convince the husband to built a cozy little coop and  fence! Any free ranging would have to be done under my watchful eye- altho I doubt I would be any match for a swooping hawk!!!

I will have to keep watch in the mornings now, for the hawk pair to be ‘working’ the wire for their breakfast!

All is well, now that the fog and frost has burned off, at Mountain Meadows this morning!