Someone near and dear to me, told me, albeit a bit tongue in cheek, he knows it is going to be a good day, when his tie dimple is perfect! I guess that is somewhat akin to a woman having a good hair day!!

I have no idea how to tie a tie- but the aforementioned GQ-er has apparently perfected the art!  When making a first impression, how the tie sits between the collar, where the sleeves on the jacket reach, the break in the pants cuff, pocket square or not, are just as important to the male fashionista (or would that be fashionist-O ? ), as the right  outfit, shoes and purse are for the woman.

I must confess though, I had never heard of a dimple in a tie before – cheeks or chin, yes- but tie?  Nope!

I guess since moving out to the country, and becoming a tad bit older, my priorities have changed. I don’t have to make an impression in the business world any more! I don’t care what the Joneses or Smiths are wearing or driving. Well, maybe I do, a little, but they live too far away from me for it to matter much anymore!!!

My fashion statement lately consists of which pair of jeans will I wear today – the ones I don’t care about if the dogs get mud on them or if I slip in the creek, or the ones I wear to town! I still fix my hair and hope for that good hair day, and still put on some makeup! Out here, a good hair day lasts until I walk out the door – and the wind from the mountain just has a field day with all that primping and combing I just did!! I have never been a wash and wear, roll out of bed and hit the ground running kind of gal. But, I HAVE eased up quite a bit!!! I gave up the manicures about 6 months before the move to the boonies. I am weaning myself off years of Mary Kay, Este Lauder and Lancome, and am experimenting with the wonderful organic skin preserving products of Burt’s Bees! MK and genetics have preserved me thus far – now it’s time to try something a little more natural!!

I still flip thru People Magazine, GQ, Oprah, Elle, and Vogue – just to keep up on what is going on in the world of high fashion. And, I do have the much beloved “near and dear one” to advise me and keep me from making a fashion faux pas when I do venture out in the urban and stylish public!

I am just happy to be where I am in my life and happy to be able to learn something new every day. And, today, I learned what a tie dimple is!!!!!

All is well, chilly, and fashion free at Mountain Meadows tonite…………………………………………………….