I promised myself I would stay away from all things political in my blog, but I have failed today!!

I am so glad Election Day is finally here- this means an END to countless, bothersome, recorded phone calls from political parties telling you who to vote for, an END to junk mail from all political candidates, an END to annoying reports on the latest ‘findings’ about a candidate- true or not, an END to empty ‘promises’ from candidates and their running mates, who know full well they will not be able to do what they say! I never want to hear the words ‘maverick’ or ‘change’ again!!! It will also mean the END to ‘end-less’ detective work online, to confirm whether the latest story or news report or youtube is actual truth or a cleverly contorted lie.

But what do you do – when neither candidate appeals to you? Do you vote for the lesser of 2 ‘evils’? Do you toss a coin, do rock, paper, scissors, or eenie, meenie, miny, moe as you close the voting booth curtains behind you? I can’t be the only one who is still wallowing in this quandry of indecision!!

Or, do you stand up and say “DO OVER !!”, and ask that we just start from scratch, with a list of new, better qualified candidates- if such a thing exists!

That is my dilemma today, as I get ready to head out to vote. On a positive note, when I get my “I Voted” sticker, I can go to “Books A Million” and get a free cuppa Joe!!!! I hope that includes a fancy decaf Joe! That will be my reward, if I can decide on a candidate………..


All is well, tho confused, at Mountain Meadows on this cloudy Election Day morning…….