…………has now been found!!!!

Several years ago, while attending a favorite church rummage sale on Georgetown Pike in Great Falls, Virginia, I was presented with a tiny cross.

There was a ‘church lady’  at one of the booths, handing out something she called a ‘cross for your pocket’. It was tiny -about an inch and 3/4 long, attached to a card. The card had a little poem, long since forgotten. I stuck it in my jeans pocket, read the card when I got home, and tossed the card.

 Call it superstition, or whatever, the next morning, I took the little cross, slipped it in my jeans pocket, and went about my day. It couldn’t hurt!!

I guess it turned into a superstitious habit, because I had it in my pocket from then on – every day, whenever I left the house!! If I had dress slacks with no pocket, it went in my purse! I couldn’t leave  home without it!!!

Then, one day, this past spring, I was out walking the dogs in the horse paddock. At one point along the walk, I reached into my pocket to get a tissue. When I returned to the house later, and was emptying my pockets, I realized the little cross was gone!!!

Apparently,  when I pulled the tissue out of my pocket, the cross came out too!!! The grass was so thick out in the paddock, there was no way it would ever be found! I did go back and look, and have looked periodically over the past few months. Whenever I am searching for the dogs’ lost tennis balls, in the back of my mind, I am always hoping to find that cross. In the months that followed, the field had been seeded, dragged several times, rained on many times, and trampled by horses and dogs all the time. Finding anything tiny out there is pretty much futile! Sometimes it is hard to even locate a lost day-glo orange tennis ball!

Tonite, just before dusk, I was out in the paddock with the daughter’s dogs. I tossed the ball, stopped, and happened to glance down –  there by my boot, on top of the dirt, in a spot where there was no grass, was my pocket cross!!! I could NOT believe it!!!

It was definitely a little worse for wear, dirty, and I’m sure had been dragged and trampled!

What are the odds that it would ever have been found!!!!??

I picked it up, slipped it back in my pocket – and now I am back to being superstitious again!!!

For no apparent reason, an inexpensive little cross in the pocket, snuggled in with the ever present tissue and package of Listerine Cinnamon Strips, makes everything right with the world!!!!


All is well, and peaceful, at Mountain Meadows, this Election Day eve………….