Well, the trek to see bears( see previous post) was a bust!!!! We drove down the old road to see what we could see.

What we saw were lots of cows!!!! Ran into some folks who live over there, and they said there have been some signs that bears have been around, but no actual sightings. It’s not like they would be sittin’ by the side of the road, waving at us!!!! Middle of the day is not the best time to spot a bear anyway, but we figured it was worth a try!

The cows were “chill-axing”, by the side of the road, in the middle of the road, and up the embankment. Some were chowing down on the fresh round bale that was on the hill. Some posed prettily, tho’ warily for pictures! Their calm demeanor would indicate there were no bears afoot!

We continued on slowly down the very rutted dirt road, and instead of turning around and returning home the way we came in, the husband decided the river was low enough to drive the van across. Not something I would have attempted, but my multi purpose Toyota can now add river crossing to its list of accomplishments!

Now, after a trip to the co-op, lunch at the local diner, post office, and grocery store for my Amish made hunk of real butter, the errands of the day are complete.

Now, it is out to the barn to let the horses out for their daily green grass fix, and change their water trough and buckets. Two fifty pound bags of horse feed need to be dragged out of the van and put in the storage bins. I think the balmy November weather is over today- it becoming overcast and chilly. 

So,  after the chores and running around are done, I will be retreating to the warmth of the house and couch with a cuppa tea, and a good book! ‘Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl’ by Susan McCorkindale sounds like a perfect read!!!






All is well, and (sadly) bear free, at Mountain Meadows this afternoon…………………..