To lift a phrase from Martha Stewart, I came across ‘a good thing’ while blog surfing this morning.

One of my favorite things, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, is collecting vintage aprons. I have ’em, love ’em, collect ’em, and wear ’em- every day!!!!

EllynAnne Geisel has written 2 books that are definitely on my Christmas list – The Apron Book and Apronisms. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, she has come up with ‘a good thing’- called Tie One On Day.

You can read about it here –

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Basically, all you have to do is extend a small kindness to someone in need, or someone who needs to be appreciated, on the day before Thanksgiving. Easy, huh?

Bake a loaf of bread ( or something good- if you can’t bake – buy it!), get an apron, new, or vintage, wrap the goodie inside the apron, and deliver it to that deserving someone. It could be an anonymous, left on a doorstep. It could be left with a note, telling that person how much you appreciate them. Or, it could be delivered in person, with your heartfelt message for the holiday, just letting someone know they were not forgotten.

So, spread the word, post this link on your blog.

An apron signifies warmth, home, memories, and days gone by. Whether the apron is wrapped around a loaf of bread warm from the oven, or covering a whole meal- Tie One On Day is “a good thing”!



And, so begins yet another balmy, atypical November day, at Mountain Meadows this morning………….time to wrap on the apron (hmmmm, which one shall it be today???) and start breakfast!!!!