I know I have used this title before – but today it seemed SO appropriate!!!!

The husband came home from work last night, after dropping in on the elderly farmer who owns the land on the other side of “our” little river.

He asked the husband if he had seen the bears- husband thought the farmer was referring to a family named Baer, but turns out – he was talking about the real thing!!!

We live at the base of the National Forest, where bears, deer, and other wildlife abound. Deer visit us often, but never a bear. As much as I want to see a bear up close and personal (sort of!), I am glad that they stay up in the woods.

Apparently, there are as many as 6 bears, who have come down from the mountain, and have been seen across the river on the farmer’s property!! The husband asked me if I would like to take a walk today, bring the camera, and see if we can spot them! The cows out there (see a previous post about them!) are apparently nonplussed, yet totally unperturbed by the appearance of these bears!

I wish I could be so calm!!!! I am rethinking ‘walking’ to see them, to taking an enclosed vehicle along the old dirt road! My husband makes fun of me, when I drive the van, rather than walk, the short distance across the field to the barn at night. I will definitely continue driving to the barn when it’s dark- now that I know there are bears close by!!!!

It would be interesting to see a bear out my back window, but I doubt they would come over here- the neighbor’s bear hounds would raise an uproar that would send any sensible bear in the opposite direction! Judging the reaction my horse had about errant cows in “his” pasture, I don’t want to think about what he would do if even a single bear traipsed across our field!!!

So, wish me luck on my walk today – and if I am lucky enough to spot a bear and get a picture, it will definitely be posted here!!!


All is well, and never dull, at Mountain Meadows today!!!!!