Fortunately, I am about to celebrate my 55th Thanksgiving this month! Where HAS the time gone??

Over the years, I have celebrated many different Thanksgivings at many different locales. Some were fabulous, some forgettable, some traditional, some spur of the moment.

One year we were invited to a friend’s, one year we invited people who had no where else to go. One of my favorite dinners was a recent one, held the day after Thanksgiving, to include a young boy from the Big Brother program. He loved visiting our family, and by us postponing the holiday for 24 hours, he was able to attend, without missing his own family’s dinner.

No matter where the dinners were held, or who was present, or what was served, the holiday was the glue that brought the family together -if only for a few hours out of their busy lives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if life could be a ‘forever Thanksgiving” filled with family, food, fellowship, and friends!

The Thanksgiving dinner that stands out in my memory, was one that did not occur. At least, I don’t remember it taking place.

That Thanksgiving was the one of my 15th year, and it was different from all others, because that was the year my grandfather died. He was taken ill, and died a day or so before Thanksgiving. I came to view the world a little differently, experiencing the loss of a loved one for the first time.

Every year of my childhood, we would alternate holiday dinners between the grandparents or our own home. I don’t remember whose home that fifteenth dinner was scheduled for, but it never took place.

That year, Thanksgiving took place in a funeral home, finishing up with a 21 gun salute at Pinelawn Cemetary on cold November afternoon. The kind grandfather who sat at the head of many holiday tables, made that Thanksgiving most memorable by his absence.

As the years went by, many more Thanksgivings came and went, in many locations, with many participants. After I turned 21, and moved away from home, there were a series of non eventful Thanksgivings spent with the families of the boyfriend of the moment. The pivotal one in my life was the fifteenth.

I can look back over the years, with the aid of both fading and and more recent digital photographs, and recall almost all the important Thanksgivings!!! The most precious are the ones before my fifteenth birthday, and the later ones with my own children.

Our own extended family is scattered throughout the US, so our Thanksgiving is usually small, yet traditional. We have my mother’s dishes that are brought out only at this time of year. People come and people go at our table and in our lives, but the feeling Thanksgiving brings will never fade. The faces around the table may change over the years, but our chairs will always be full. The people no longer with us will always have a place at our Thanksgiving table in our hearts. Memories never fade……………………………….


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