…………..that my favorite magazine Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion may cease to exist?????

I came across this info while blog surfing this morning,(http://www.allaboutpretty.typepad.com) and backtracked it from this wonderful website, and it seems to be true! I am posting this little pic in hopes that it will help save the magazine. ME is truly an inspiration to artsy people and people in need of a little personality or character in their decorating!

When I have more time, I will have to research this and see what the whole story is. If it turns out to be an urban legend, I apologise for scaring everyone!! It’s true, that all good things must come to an end- sometime- but we are not ready for Mary’s magazine to end just yet!button1


(I just noticed, whoever created the button, spelled Mary’s last name incorrectly!)


All is well at Mountain Meadows this morning, hoping ME’s Home Companion stays in print for a long time…………………