Volunteering at the local thrift shop is always a good thing. Good for the soul, good for the folks who benefit from the shop’s profits, and good if you are an incurable ‘junque-ster”, like me!!!

I NEVER leave the thrift store empty handed!!! Whether my finds come from the discards (one person’s trash is another’s treasure…..!) or purchases in the store – there are always cool things to find in the thrift store!!

Most times I search for stuff to fix up and resell in my shop or online. Some finds are definite keepers! Other times I find items that I know would be great for an art project, and can’t resist buying it! It may be a project that only reaches fruition in my mind, and then the item ends up on eBay or is mailed to an artistic friend!!!!

i’ve been told I have an eye for the unique!!! This is an addiction, I know – there is always something else I just need to get!!! I am frugal – only shop at thrift or second hand stores, flea markets, and yard sales- and am not above dumpster diving on occasion!

Since I volunteer at the thrift store 2x a week – that gives me access to an endless supply of junque – or ‘junk’ as the husband refers to it all !!!

I have toyed with the idea of opening a ‘store’ on Etsy, for projects I have actually completed and also for my great finds that will never be used by me!!!

I am in the process of creating “Art-full” packages, full of goodies that altered art artisans could give new life to in their creations!!

Since I entered blogdom, I am amazed at the artists I have met thru their blog. Most of them I have come to ‘know’ thru a talented artist and friend, Patty, of Magpie’s Nest fame. I am always amazed at the imagination and prolific nature of her art!!!

We have only lived in our ‘new ‘ home for 2 years (time flies) and my ‘studio’ is still a jumbled heap in the basement!!! When and if that is completed, I hope I can make better use of my fabulous finds!!!

Until then, the search continues- there is always something ‘new’ to be found!!!!

Pictured are some of my latest fabulous finds!!!


img_4373This little silverplate tea box from India is a keeper!!


img_4375Some of these keys will end up in an “art-full” bag, after I’ve had a chance to play with them a while!!!!!


All is well, if a bit cluttered, at Mountain Meadows tonite- good night!!!!