Several posts ago, you may remember me writing about fostering a litter of kittens for about 10 days.

In the end, out of six 3 day old kittens abandoned at a dumpster, there were two survivors. Compromised immune systems and very contagious respiratory ailment took all but two hardy little kitties!

Now just 8 weeks old and weighing in at .87- not quite a pound- he was barely 8 oz when we had him! The beautiful tiger tabby male, formerly known as Bruiser, has found a forever home about 2 hours from here in northern Virginia!

We were worried that he might have impaired vision, or worse, be blind.  He passed a vet check yesterday with flying colors! His left eye had a scratched cornea, that was healing nicely, and his vision seems fine.

On Friday, he will leave his little sister and foster mom, and my daughter has volunteered to deliver him to his new family. He will have a new kitty friend, Minnie, a beagle pal named Molly, and two loving human parents, who will, no doubt, spoil and love him!!! The country kitten is moving to suburbia! This is one lucky little kitten, who beat the odds!!!



I just LOVE a happy ending!!!!!



All is well and frostbitten at Mountain Meadows tonite……………………………………………