Rain, rain....

Rain, rain....


It’s another not quite November-like morning again. The rain fell most of the night, keeping the temperatures higher than is normal for this time of year! The other night we had an inch and a 1/4 of rain. I put blankets on the horses, because it was rather chilly that night. The blankets have been laid out in the barn for two days drying!!! I HAVE to get a blanket rack installed!!! I have them draped over trash cans and bins, and have to keep shaking them out, to prevent the mice from taking permanent residence!!! It doesn’t take those little buggers long to find a snug place to call their own!! Everything in the barn that we DON’T want mouse holes in is hung on the wall whenever possible!

The little mice have become quite brazen- they scurry just out of reach whenever I enter the barn, but within a few minutes, their tiny little heads with big black eyes are watching my every move – waiting for a crumb to fall. I think they have become accustomed to the tiny slivers of apples or carrots I leave for them in the winter. I confess, I am my own worst enemy!! We would have mice in the barn anyway, but leaving little snacks for them just invites their friends and neighbors!!!

One little field mouse got trapped in a plastic bin the other day. It’s not the first time – their curiousity gets the better of them sometimes!  Apparently, this little guy had been checking out the horse blanket (see, I told you!), and slipped into the bin it was draped over. I never noticed him until it was almost too late!!! I came back from the co-op with two 50 lb bags of horse feed, and was just about to drop one of the bags into the bin. I happened to notice mouse droppings, so grabbed the bin to shake it out. There in the corner was a tiny little field mouse, staring up at me. That was a close call!!! He was pretty calm about the whole situation,not realizing how close he came- until I took the bin outside. Then he was attempting an escape, which had been, and was, futile, due to the slippery plastic of the bin. I gently tipped his prison over, he took one look over his shoulder and was gone!!! Running from one spot to another – always stopping in a place that shielded him from overhead view- til he made it back to the barn!!! Their survival instinct keeps them in ‘duck and cover’ mode whenever they are outside!

They have good reason to be so careful- their place in life is to be little hors d’oeuvres in motion for snakes, and winged predators.

Just this morning, I heard the ‘screee’ of one of our resident hawks. I couldn’t see him, but he was having breakfast somewhere nearby! The daughter has seen him more than I – she says he regularly swoops down past the front window, getting breakfast off the front fields. His diet does not include the birds who visit my feeder. I have seen mourning doves sharing the view from the telephone lines with the hawk- they and the hawk are lined up down the line – and he pays them no mind! The blue jays take time out from their meal to scream obnoxiously and divebomb him- their bravado quite impressive – considering what those hawk’s talons could do to the jays, if he was so inclined!

Thursday evening’s rain left an almost impermeable fog draped over Mountain Meadows and the whole Gap area. This morning’s fog was washed out by last night’s rain, a few remnants still caught on the tips of the mountains. The balmy air will probably last thru today, and that wind eerily whistling by, will drag in the typical November weather.

After running the morning errands, and feeding the horses, today will probably be a good day to help the husband clean the basement. The neighbor is giving us a huge woodstove he no longer needs, and we have to clear the clutter away! When installed, that basement stove, should heat the entire downstairs, with vents sending heat to the main floor. I am looking forward to that!


Time to get off the computer, and get on with the day!!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows this wet Saturday morning…………………


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