We were pulling in the driveway, after a lovely Sunday morning jaunt to Lowes for lumber (I do sooooo love going to Lowes with the husband – and after each trip, I swear that will be the last time!!), when expletives burst from the mouth of the husband.

Whenever we come home, the trip down the 900 foot gravel driveway is always slow. First, husband has to comment that he HAS to reset the sign post- it’s crooked! To the average “joe”, and I, driving down the road, the sign looks fine! Next, he must visually inspect all of the 36 ornamental pear saplings he planted himself- every day!!! Granted, he planted them, and babied them along, and they have done well. Someday, they will become a picturesque canopy for the driveway!

But today- several of his trees were scarred!!! It appears the deer have been snacking on the bark! But, upon closer inspection, they are rubbing their antlers on the tender bark!!! It’s only on the lower part of the trees, where they would lower their heads and scratch that itchy velvet off! That would explain why the dogs have been barking the past couple of nights – at things they see but I can’t!!! The deer were out front!

We have just started putting out cracked corn for the evening visitors- prior to seeing them rubbing on the trees!!! Hopefully, the corn will redirect them to the rear of the house and away from the 36 little trees!!

We’ll have to leave a corn ‘crumb’ trail from the front to the bonanza pile of corn out back!!!

I told the husband he should just get some 1/4 inch mesh or chicken wire and wrap the tree trunks, to prevent further damage. He’d already thought of that – but is not looking forward to wrapping all those trees!!! And, he’s in a limited time frame. He is due to go in for rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder, the Tues before Thanksgiving, and has his right wrist in a brace – work related injury! So, there he is, out with the tractor, and a huge roll of wire I just hoisted into the bucket, cutting mesh “chain mail” to protect his trees from the marauding deer! He can cut and wrap without affecting the shoulder or the wrist!

And, by the way, having dogs pee on trees- contrary to popular opinion or old wive’s tale- does NOT keep deer away!!! Our dogs do that on a regular basis – obviously, it does not work!!!

It’s just another Sunday afternoon- and windy, sunny and pretty darn cold!! I better get off the computer and make up a hot lunch – the husband is going to need it when he is done with his trees!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows today……..



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