I was blog surfing this morning and found some new ones – at least new to me!!!

Angela Cartwright’s has always been a fav – http://www.acartwrightstudio.blogspot.com and I found some interesting links on hers.

She made a recent visit to the LACMA and its Broad Contemporary Art Museum- if you ever go to LA, this is a must see!!! Click on those links and check out Angela’s new shadow stamps!!! There was a big crafters/artists show at the Shriner Auditorium- you can see some pix from that on her blog also.

There is also a link to the Vanity Fair website- there are some wonderful vintage Vanity Fair covers – from my favorite period – 1913 to the mid 1930’s!!!

Turn on the sound and visit Bristol McDonald’s website – http://bristolequinephotography.com– a subject near and dear to my heart!!!

Bristol is a talented photographer and supporter of the few remaining wild horse herds in the US. You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy these photos!

Well, back to blog surfing- to see what else I can discover!!!!


All is well, and truly November weather has arrived, at Mountain Meadows this morning………………..


Don’t forget – we are waiting to hear your favorite holiday memories-random drawing on December 1st!!!