Well, I had a spare 2 hours and decided to follow Patty’s Inchie Ornament Tutorial  (http://www.bitze.wordpress.com)

Obviously , one needs to have patience, when working with something so tiny. I do NOT have patience!

I decided to make mine a zentangle inchie ornament. The zen part was easy –  folding the tiny box was exasperating for me!!! Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist – I want my corners exact! If I do this again, I will use a precut block of wood!

I don’t want anyone to think I am in any way disparaging Patty’s tutorial – she explained everything perfectly – I would highly recommend it!!! Kudos to her and her infinite talent!!! Creating tiny things is just not my cup of tea!!!!

I used  mid weight watercolor paper, sponged it with a paper towel and brick red ink. Next was the zentangling, while watching Oprah! Then, I glued it (that was the frustrating part, scoring and getting the corners to MY satisfaction! ) with Martha Stewart’s Decoupage Glue and Sealer – that is great stuff! I had some red jewelry wire, and black and red glass beads, looped it thru – and VOILA’ !!!

Here are the pix of the inchie- and below those, are pix of a group of Little Tykes that stand near the computer where I worked. The first one depicts “their” interest when I first started out creating the inchie- the second shows how I felt when I was finally done!!! LOL



they're watching!

are watching……………………..


My sentiments exactly – no more tiny projects!!!!! Wheew!!!

The snow has melted, the night is frigid – going down to 19 degrees tonite!!! BRRRR!!! Time to snuggle up with some dinner and a hot drink, and stay inside!!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite………………………………………………..

*****Update 1-1-09 – This Zentangle Inchie Ornament is for sale in my Etsy shoppe!!