I was checking out my friend Patty’s blog last night http://www.bitze.wordpress.com and she created a neat inchie ornament, called the Snow Queen.

Well, that Snow Queen must have had some magic in her- her picture was published, and in gratitude for the publicity, she gave us SNOW!!!!!!!!

Not alot of snow, mind you, about an inch- but just enough to pique our interest and remind us that winter is upon us!!!! There are clouds in the sky, and it is about 20 degrees here in the Gap, so maybe there will be more snow to come!!! One can always hope…………!

I’ll run out later and take more pictures when I get dressed and take the dogs out to play. But, for those of you, who live in LA where it’s 83 degrees, here’s a little preview of winter!!


Part of the 900 foot driveway, where the little saplings have been wrapped with wire, to prevent further damage from the deer rubbings! See previous post!


bird tracks at the feeder

bird tracks at the feeder







All is well , and the sun just came out, in our brisk winter wonderland, at Mountain Meadows this morning!




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