I was supposed to do my Thursday volunteer today, but was a little under the weather. Instead, I decided to just run to the bank, then cash in my supermarket coupon and buy our Thanksgiving turkey.

Since this was a change in routine, that meant a change in my path. Instead of turning left out the driveway, I made a right to head into town. About 3/4 of a mile down the windy road, as I rounded the bend, there in the road was a dog! Minding his own business, sniffing the grass, but definitely in a blind spot as a car comes down the road.

I slammed on the brakes, and rolled down my window to try to coax him over. I am still learning the dogs who live in the area- don’t often see any running loose, but it happens. My daughter almost hit a dog the other day, in almost the same blind spot.

When I spoke, the dog disappeared from view, and I slowly drove on. But when I glanced in my rear view mirror, I saw him – he had come around the back of my van to the driver’s side of the car when I spoke! I debated for a second – he was probably a local farm dog – he did have a collar- did I want to pick him up – he might have fleas…….Of course, that had never stopped me before when a dog appeared lost!!!

I quickly turned around – and as I did, a pickup truck was barreling down the road, while this dog was standing in the middle of the 2 lanes watching me! The truck slowed, when it saw me, and another car came soon after that!

I saw a tractor and 2 pickups down in the field near where the dog had been, so I drove over there to ask if anyone knew the dog.

Turns out one of the men down there was a neighbor, and the dog belonged to the other guy working with him. When the dog saw me get out of my van, he came zooming down off the road to me, joyously leaping around – as if to say I am so happy you came to visit!!!

The guys were busy working, the dog had been hanging around with them, and then one sniff led to another, and the little dog ended up in the road!  No one noticed, until I came to let them know that he narrowly missed being hit 3 times!!!

This was a very sweet dog, definitely a house dog, neatly combed, clean (and no fleas!!). He actually was a dead ringer for a dog from my childhood- my grandmother’s dog Shep!  The owner thanked me, and put his little friend in the truck – to avoid any more mishaps!!! When I passed by them on the return trip, the Shep look alike was still safely in the truck.

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, even tho we may not know the reason at the time.  I did feel guilty about not showing up for my volunteer hours, but that time was better spent making a right turn down the road this morning……………..

All is well, with a roaring fire in the woodstove at my back, at Mountain Meadows tonite…..



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