I still consider myself new to the area, altho we have lived here almost 2 years now. Still don’t know alot of people, but am getting there! It would be easier to meet folks if I worked outside the home. But I love my life out here in the boonies and do meet someone new every day!

Last night, I was invited to my neighbor’s Tupperware party. I have not been to a Tupperware party in over 20 years – maybe longer!!! If you’ve ever had children, you probably have had Tupperware at some point in your life! I think they used to make ‘sippy cups’ – we always had those around the house!!! And everyone, unless they have lived under a rock, knows how to ‘burp’ the lid on a Tupperware container!

But over the years, most of the Tupperware I have had, has disappeared or been tossed out.

I did learn something last night tho – NEVER throw out a piece of Tupperware! If it gets broken or cracked – they are guaranteed for LIFE!!! You don’t need the receipt or proof of purchase – if you have it and it’s broken – return it to a consultant and you will get a new one – for FREE! Or, a credit, if the item is no longer made.

I met a very nice bunch of ladies last night- and of course, now I am hosting a party at my house in 3 weeks!!! Despite all my protests that I did not (and do not) know anyone in the neighborhood- I guess I WILL be getting to know my neighbors!! I even tried volunteering my house to my one friend in the neighborhood for HER party!! But, no -she said I would have to have my OWN party- but she will help!!!! I will go to her outdoor party at the Ruritan Park in May!! Everyone at last night’s get together graciously consented to come to mine!

I now live in the valley of Avon and Tupperware, and am meeting the nicest and down to earth folks!!! I moved here from northern Virginia, an area that was ‘take-out heaven’! I am discovering people around here know how to cook – and cook REALLY well – so it stands to reason that Tupperware would be a must-have in every kitchen!!! Tupperware and church potlucks go hand in hand!

I was pleasantly surprised – Tupperware has alot of cool new stuff and has updated the old standards. Of course, prices have gone up, along with everything else in this world- but it is, for some reason, still an irresistible product!!!

I also discovered this morning, that I could have an online party – gosh – then I wouldn’t have to clean my house and chase down all the ‘dust ponies’ under the couch!! (We have moved beyond the ‘dust bunny’ stage with 4 big dogs – we now have ‘dust ponies’ who ‘reproduce’ relentlessly!!! LOL)

Those of you in my email address book – beware – your invitation is flying thru cyberspace to ya’ll !!!!

You see how I am easily swayed – from no, don’t know anyone, to ok, a house show if ya’ll will come, then to an online party too!!! I guess I don’t mind – the young consultant is a sweet girl, a stay at home mom with small children, and I know this helps her out. Plus, she is VERY knowledgeable about her product, and makes the time spent very entertaining, and is good at what she does! She got me to host a show, didn’t she?? LOL

So, while I am flipping thru my Tupperware catalog to see what I ‘need”, I might as well peruse the Avon one also – they are not just makeup anymore – and there is even an actual Avon store in town!!!!!! Christmas anyone????????


All is well, and altho 21 degrees outside, quite comfortable, when warmed by the thoughts of new found friends, at Mountain Meadows on this sunny Saturday morning………………..