tree_of_happiness_award_thumbnailI just received “the Tree of Happiness Award” from

She has a great blog about life across the pond!!!

Now, in return, I have to pick 6 blogs worthy of the honor~~~~ Yikes!!! If you are in my blogroll – you’re worthy of the honor!!!

I’ll just pick the ones I visit the most often- hard to narrow it to 6, but here goes:  (be sure to enter her Xmas giveaway!)

I hope I did this right – if not, you can just visit them by clicking on their name in my blogroll!!! Still learning my way around a computer!!!

Also, the award ‘winner” must list 6 things that make them happy:

1- life on the farm

2-life- period!

3-my kids

4-my son got his dream job!

5-the friends I have, have recently met, and have yet to meet

6-my husband

Thanks again – and glad what I write is of interest to some!!!!!!!!


All is well and rainy, at Mountain Meadows today……………….