Yesterday, the husband had rotator cuff surgery on his left shoulder. He had 2 different kinds of tears, a bone spur, and something else in there that I can’t remember! Slightly beyond the norm of  a simple tear- suffice it to say, he was in alot of pain before, AND alot of pain after.

I haven’t been in the hospital, knock wood, since having my 2nd and last child 21 years ago. Has hospital procedure changed? Is it more of a business, where you come in and are booted out the same day?

One of my kid’s friends had a recent surgery. Without knowing all the details, she had a grapefruit sized uterine tumor removed, had 3 incisions from laparoscopy type surgery, and was sent home, doubled over in pain, the same day! I attributed that to the quality of the hospital she went to – in DC.

The husband had his  2 hour surgery yesterday, was in recovery for 2 to 3 hours, way longer than the alloted time, then was supposed to be sent to post op in the ambulatory area, to be sent home.

Long and very aggravating story short, the nurses fully agreed with me, with the degree of his pain, he should stay for an extended time. The doctor did not agree, stating to the nurses and I, that ALL his shoulder patients go home the same day – altho he did agree that the husband was suffering an unusual amount of pain – which he could not explain. The nurses were great, finally got the doctor to agree (he was new to that particular hospital and their procedures) that instead of going to ambulatory post op (which was closing for the night shortly) he could get a room – no extra fees, extended care, until his pain level was reduced to at least to a “4”.

Got him to a room, the daughter and I left, thinking that we would get him in the morning. No sooner did we hit home, about a half hour later, the husband calls and said to come get him, the doctor said there was no justification for keeping him in the hospital!! So, we turned around, went back to the hospital – I spoke to a different set of nurses, who got the doctor on the phone – this time he would NOT speak to ME!!

I can understand if the doctor’s orders say the patient is ambulatory, that the insurance would not cover an overnight stay. Midnight was the cutoff before we would be charged for the stay. Why was the doctor so adamant about him leaving – was it because ALL his patients always go right home after a surgery like this? Would it have ruined his perfect record, to have reworded the orders to have allowed him to stay a little longer? Was it a financially based decision on the hospital part – as far as what the insurance would pay for? It wasn’t like they needed the room – they had plenty of vacancies! There was no real explanation by the doctor, other than all shoulder surgical patients go home the same day. The nurses did say, had the surgery been done very early in the morning as originally planned, he probably would have been able to go home by the time the ambulatory closed in the evening. But the surgery was done, and completed late afternoon.

He was throwing up, in a severe amount of pain, and that continued thru the night. He did manage to sleep, and each time he has taken his medicine, has thrown up. A call in to the nurse told us that if he continues to not keep food down, to let the doctor know.

I am very confused about this. Despite the doctor’s apparent surgical skill, his bedside manner sucks. He may not have wanted to explain to me  exactly why EVERYONE HAS to go home – but, when the husband has his follow up appointment in a few days – guess who has to take him to his appointment ? Me!!! Guess who will be accompanying the husband into the doctor’s office to see the doctor? Me

Guess who might be getting thrown out of that doctor’s office? Me!!! LOL

Despite his surgical skill – if the occasion ever arises again, where one of us needs that type of surgery – this particular doctor will not be my choice. If questions cannot be answered to my satisfaction…………..

Or, are hospitals now a numbers business, more than a people business?

Thanks for listening -!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All is well at Mountain Meadows this morning- sort of!!!!!!