Started out the day going with the daughter to run errands and drop off blankets to the SPCA.

Yesterday the daughter did her volunteer, and was hemming up donated blankets, that had been cut up to be used as snugglies for small dogs’ beds. Daughter volunteered to bring the blankets home, where Mom (me) has several sewing machines. The volunteers had been blanket stitching the raw edges by hand, and since 2 of the volunteers had never held a needle before, and my novice sewer daughter was their instructor(!)- she opted to bring the work home!!

My favorite sewing machine is a 1950’s model, rescued from the thrift store for $5!!!! It weighs about 35 lbs, case and all!! We dragged it upstairs, pulled out a card table, and set up a makeshift sewing area in front of the tv.   I showed her how to run the machine, and sat back with a glass of wine while she worked!!! It was HER volunteer, after all!!!

My spectator status did not last long, when my favorite machine started doing things wrong. I never had it worked on or tuned up, because we were in the process of moving when I bought it. I figured I would have all my machines tuned up when we got settled here in the boonies.

Had to go drag out the Pfaff, which also needs a tuneup, but it finished the job admirably!! Good thing, ’cause the daughter’s patience was due to be drowned in a glass of wine also!!!!

It took 3 hours, and two balky machines to trim and hem up 16 blankies. But those homeless pups will love them!!!

This morning we headed out to deliver them, then stopped off to get my hair recut, followed by some quick shopping, while the husband snoozed at home in his  La-Z-Boy ‘recovery’ chair.

One edgy new haircut, and several shopping bags later, we went home. We had to take care of the horses, and fill the water trough. Despite our best efforts, the hose and pump froze again! I don’t think it got much above 28 degrees F today and tonite it will probably be in the teens.

So, the husband and his recovering rotator cuff got in the tractor- daughter and I loaded up the empty 100 gallon trough into the bucket of the tractor. Husband pulled around to the back of the house and hooked up a hose to the outdoor spigot. He then sat in the tractor with the heat on, taking a snooze, while the trough filled up.

I locked the horses up, turned off the electric fence, and opened the gate. Husband drove the tractor into the paddock, lowered the bucket, and the daughter and I gripped the edges of that heavy trough as he backed the tractor away. Lo and behold, it worked – without spilling a drop!!! I couldn’t believe it!! My idea was just to fill the tractor bucket with water, and dump that into the trough. But, no, husband insisted his way would work – and it did!

My ears are still frozen – note to self – find the hat, ear muffs and hood to the down jacket!!!

Time to get dinner ready, and sit in front of the fire……………………….



All is well, and very cold, at Mountain Meadows tonite……………….