Everyone knows, strange things happen on the eve of a full moon. Ask any cop on the beat, the nuts are out, the arrests are up, it’s bound to be an interesting night!

Of course, on the farm, full moon occurrences are a lot milder by comparison! Planting schedules are done by the moon, and I suppose late night hunting is easier by the light of the moon.

Our moonlight madness was an uprising in the mouse colony that lives in the barn! I don’t mind the mice, no barn is complete without them!!! Could be worse – I could have rats!!! I much prefer tiny mice!

I have admitted to leaving little snacks around for the mice. They are  already there, so I might as well distract them from gnawing on other things!!! Whenever I feed the horses, I leave a tiny snack of carrot shavings or a few kernels of corn on the ledge. The ledge that runs around the barn wall, is the main mouse highway -a  rodent runway for the little critters.

Indiscriminate in their bathroom habits, the ledge has to be swept off from time to time. The mice have become used to me, and I them, little shadows scurrying around while I am there, trying to keep out of my way, waiting for their treat.

Well, the other day, I was remiss in leaving the treat. Tonite, I walked in the barn, and the odor of mouse urine was definitely hanging in the air. In an apparent late night retaliatory maneuver, the mice got together, and decided to help themselves to their midnite snack! I had brought home a 50 lb bag of horse feed, and did not put it right into the metal containers. Big mistake!!!

Two almost perfectly round quarter sized holes were gnawed in the bottom of the paper feed bag- and there was a nice mound of feed on the barn floor! I can just picture the mice, working in a tandem chewing frenzy, working their way to 50 lbs of heaven!!

The shadows were scurrying along the ledge, while I cleaned up the mess. I did leave some of their bounty as a largesse- it was of no use to me anymore.  As I said earlier, mice ‘potty’ whenever and wherever the mood strikes them – if you get my drift!!!

The feed is now safely stored in the tightly covered metal bins, the paper feed sack discarded in the trash, and the carrot shavings left in the usual spot. All the horse blankets are safely hung up, and everything that is chewable, or nest worthy is hopefully out of reach of the mice!!! I’ve given them a roof over their heads and shelter from the elements – the least they could do is respect my property!!!!

Two of the brazen li’l perpetrators below!


The evidence!!!!


This was a great moon shot – on the camera!! But I am not technically savvy enough to know how to show that on here!!! Definitely need a better camera……….


Part of the famed rodent ‘highway’ – time to call in the street sweeper!!!!!


All is well at Mountain meadows tonite – by the light……..of the silvery moon……..