My vintage 19 cent  thrift shop candle- a light in the window for the holidays………………


The view from my back deck – last night’s moon above the mountain. The tiny orange glow below, is the light from the Turner’s cabin at the top. It’s a nail biting drive to their cabin- usually only accessible with 4 wheel drive! But the view from up there is priceless!!!



Table centerpiece of a hand hewn butternut bowl created and signed by Ann Weber’s dad in 1998. Since her dad is no longer with us, it makes this piece and others by him, that much more precious to those who are lucky enough to own them. The pine cones, antique Christmas balls and flocked trees sit perfectly on a large faux leaf (thanks, Patty!)**12-17-08 Oops – just learned Ann’s dad is still with us!!! Turned 87 in October!!!His wood works are still very precious!!!!


This is my version of an idea seen in the December 2008 issue of Country Home Magazine. It’s an old glass insulator, with a tiny flickering battery operated candle from the hardware store set underneath. The barn red wood is a scrap from when we built the barn. I have these sitting on the steps going upstairs. Now if only I could find all the rest of the insulators I had packed away!!! With a little greenery added, it makes the perfect holiday light!


Mom’s South of the Border straw Xmas wreath. Mom used to live in Yuma, Az- she was a snow bird. These hand crafted wreaths were all the rage – from over the border in Mexico. This now adorns her bedroom door!


The “Sunman” basking in the glow of my 19 cent candle, and the glare of the camera flash!

Since the husband is recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and sleeps in the recliner, Sunny takes full advantage of the fact that he can share the bed with me. When the husband can get back in his own bed, there may be some issues he’ll need to resolve with the Sunman!!! LOL

Due to the husband’s surgery, Christmas decorating is being kept to a minimum this year. No lights outside, no huge tree, and alot less stressful!!!

There will be lots of cookie baking (and eating), lots of fire burning, and alot less ornaments to pack away when the holidays are done!!! There’s always next year!!!!


All is well, with the wind whistling past the windows, on this chilly evening, at Mountain Meadows tonite…………………………