That question was recently posed to me – obviously, not everyone has been reading my blog!!!!!!

I am certainly not the typical farmer. I am just a country girl wannabe who got to be!!!!

We grow hay, we sell hay, we have horses, that’s about the extent of it – so far…………..!!!!! We’re learning as we go and having fun doing it!

It’s a typical day. I spent an hour or so this morning at the barn. It  is again,  unseasonably in the upper 60’s and I had to take off the horses’ blankets. I turned my two guys out into the hay fields to have at some of the remaining green ‘grass’. The two have just started actually eating the hay we baled, and have gone thru their first square bale. This year I will keep track of how much they consume in a very high tech way – as I pull down a bale – I make a pencil mark on the barn wall !!

I swept out the barn, and opened the doors to let the warm breeze clear out the stench of mouse urine that is starting to permeate everything (see previous post about our mouse colony!) In the summer, the black snakes decimated our toad population. I love the little toads and they do their best to keep down the fly population. Since the snakes are pretty inactive during the cold weather, they are not of much help keeping down the winter mouse population!! Come the spring, I will be employing ‘kind’ methods of keeping the mice out. I don’t want to kill them. A reader shared a method that has worked for her in the past – hanging lavender in strategic places. Whether it works or not – the scent of lavender is much preferred over the rank smell of mouse pee !!! I’ll just be sure to keep the bouquets out of reach of horses’ inquiring lips!!!

Another regular ‘activity’ here in the country, is the almost daily trip to the Post Office. We do have a mailbox down at the end of the drive. When we first moved here, we did not – so we got a post office box. When the humongous mailbox was installed by the husband, we kept the po box for my eBay biz. In reality, our local  Post Office is like no other I’ve been to in the urban areas.

I recently filled out a mail in survey for the PO, and made sure, by adding a comment at the end of the survey – that the A+ service I bragged about in this survey, was ONLY available at the Fulks Run Post Office.

This Post Office, as I have written about before, is the hub of this little town. It is where you get your local news, information, weather stats, rainfall amounts, and hear who is sick, looking for a job, or selling a car.

I can find out who got the biggest bear this past weekend, who has the flu, or where to find the best trees, honey, goats, or beef. I also learned the best time to plant my corn, what snakes to watch out for, and when to pick my persimmons. If I need someone’s address, our venerable postmaster can recite it right off the top of his head!!

While I was writing this post, the husband and daughter were out dragging the fields.  For the uninitiated- that is when you attach a drag chain (think of a very heavy,  loose link chain link fence with spikes) to the back of the tractor. You then drive the tractor thru the horse paddock, dragging this spiked chain behind it. It’s kind of like dragging a rake thru a kitty litter box – since you can’t scoop up all the horse poop (believe me, I’ve tried!). The chain breaks up  the manure, and spreads it around- it disintegrates more easily and fertilizes the paddocks, resulting in a more verdant field in the  spring!!

Since what goes into a horse, must come out – eventually, the paddocks become like a veritable mine field – for human and horse alike!!! Picking cement- like horse poop out of horses’ feet is not one of my most favorite pastimes! So, dragging a field is one of the necessities of life.

Today, I have done the usual mundane – dishes, laundry, sweep, vacuum, etc. Daily, I do my ‘peaceable kingdom’ duties-take the dogs out for a run, feed the wild birds, throw out corn for the deer, clean, feed, brush the horses, do the same for the interior critters. And, of course, try to keep ahead of the never ending and very prolific  ‘dust ponies’ that accumulate everywhere when you have 4 active dogs in the house!!

My day is probably not much different from what it was before we moved here- except the scenery has changed, the stress level has changed, I work out of my home as opposed to juggling 4 jobs and the needs of two kids, I can walk out my door and hug my horses instead of driving 22 miles to do so……………..Never mind – living in the country is WAY different- and I love it!!!!

So, if you want to know what I do all day in the country – keep checking back – I’ll keep ya’ posted!!!!!! Coming soon to a bookstore near you!!!!!:>)


Aforementioned Post Office


Altho equally as humongous in size as the new black mailbox the husband installed, this one, however, only cost me 25 cents at the thrift store- and will house my garden tools!!!


A summertime view out the door to the birdie breakfast bar!!! Winter visitors include mourning doves, red finches, and blue jays, who are less willing to have their pictures taken! The blue jays pretty much rule the roost here- so any of the more exotic winter visitors are forced to dine elsewhere!!


Here again, the canine crew – shown in happier times – when all four could be in the same room together…aaahh, for the good ol’ days!


All is well, peaceful, and strangely warm, at Mountain Meadows  this Monday nite ……………………..