Over the years, the kids have come to expect odd things showing up in the refrigerator or freezer. I do try to warn them tho – sometimes the unexpected can be a little shocking!!!

I must admit, a friend did have me beat one year. She was bottle feeding 2 baby goats, in her semi-suburban home. One of the babies, sadly, did not survive. The daughter was bound and determined that this little goat would be buried somewhere on their 9 acres of land. Unfortunately, it was winter and the ground was hard as a rock. Sooo, the little goat was tenderly wrapped, and marked, and put in the freezer until the ground thawed! He was then given a proper burial.

The husband was out collecting dogs’ tennis balls from the paddock, and came upon a tiny turtle, not quite the size of a half dollar,  lying on his back in the grass. The poor thing had obviously frozen to death in the previous weeks’  frigid temperatures. Yesterday, it was in the 60’s and here was this perfectly preserved little guy. The husband set him on a fence post til I came out later and presented him to me! He knows I love little discoveries like that!!! Finding an antler or a skeleton just sends me into a tizzy of excitement!!!! I am glad he found him tho – the thought of a horse stepping on him – and then that gruesome discovery when I picked out the horses’ hooves – EEEUUW!!!

Now, I recall turtles of my youth – the little ones you used to be able to buy in Woolworth’s or the pet store, that did not have the longest life span. It was always hard to tell if they were actually dead, at least , it was hard for me!!I hung on to them til their eyes sunk in, or the smell clarified that they had indeed died! Hey, I was a kid, what did I know??

I think it was pretty safe to say this guy was dead, not hibernating, or in a coma brought on by a deep freeze!!!

I emailed a friend at the local museum, to see if they had any interest in this little guy. While I await their reply, the turtle, of course, resides in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator. The scent of defrosting turtle, however tiny, is not one I wish to experience!

If the museum has no interest, the little turtle will be buried in the ‘family’ plot, along with several wild birds who have been laid to rest with our family pets!

I have to research this little guy – it might be a baby snapper, but looks kind of like a pond slider. The ridges on his shell and the tiny beak seem like a snapper. I have never seen a baby snapper, so don’t know if they start out this small.

Update – the museum is interested, and the li’l guy will be heading out in his little ziploc travel bag tomorrow!

Here are some pix of the turtle. If you don’t like dead things- don’t look!





All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite – only 9 more days til Christmas!!!