In leiu of a “NO SOLICITING” sign at the end of our drive, I think I will put this up instead. Tacky, but to the point. Big House, No Money!!!

I thought when we moved out to the middle of nowhere, I would be saved from the endless door knockers and bell ringers who have something to sell!

When the kids were little, we actually disconnected the doorbell. That doorbell would send the dogs into a frenzy! It still does, even if it is only a doorbell on tv!! If it wasn’t a little kid coming by at naptime to see if my  kids could play, it was someone trying to convince me I needed this chamois cloth, or all purpose cleanser, or  magazines to help that earnest young salesman earn points for college! I am all for peoples’ efforts to make a living – but accepting “No” at face value, is sometimes difficult for sales folk!!! And, I have been suckered into buying stuff in the past!

The daughter and I were watching the news the other day, and all of a sudden there is someone at the door – An unusual occurrence around here, so I raced the dogs to the front door to see who it was.

As soon as I opened the door, I knew I had made a mistake – there stood another fresh faced, supposed college student, earnestly telling me of his quest to earn college credits- and could he just take a few minutes of my time- his boss was in the car – boss waved- and I could have this sample size bottle of Dawn Dish detergent for my trouble?  Please, please, please….??? I really did feel bad, but just don’t have the extra money right now!

Finally, I firmly handed him back his Dawn detergent, and told him – we can’t afford anything right now, sorry – big house – no money!!!

Our house is a little larger than some around here- and I don’t mean that in a bragging way at all. My mother lives with us, so we have an addition, the house is only 2 years old- and most of the houses around here that can be seen from the road, are smaller farmhouses that have been around for a generation or two.  I suspect they thought this homeowner would be an easy sale – because when they left the driveway, they did not go to any of the neighbors’ houses across the way.

The husband’s squad car was not in the driveway as a deterrent, altho he informed me later – these sales people need a solicitor’s license.

The daughter told me that she forgot to tell me a few weeks ago, another one of these sales people knocked on the door. She was the only one home – with the four dogs. Similar pitch – altho  this girl was wanting to demonstrate a vacuum cleaner. She tried to hustle her way into our house – proclaiming it was ok if we had dogs – she was not scared of them!! Well, what  she should have been scared of was the daughter!!! First of all – trying to sell a vacuum to someone who never uses a vacuum -(I love my daughter to death – but cleaning house is not one of her specialties!)- was a complete waste of everyone’s time!!! The daughter sent her on her way, in no uncertain tho hopefully polite terms!

So, even tho we have moved out to very near West By God, in a beautiful spot, the door to door salesman still lurks! Guess I’ll be gettin’ a sign……



All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite, with only 6 days ’til Christmas!!!!!!