Today we will have a guest writer!!!

My brother just sent me a Christmas missive that just hit home, probably for many folks-couldn’t have given me a better present!! He and his family live year round in the land of tinsel and dreams!

He is known for his dry wit, and has a way with words,causing that sibling rivalry to raise it’s ugly head when his words sound better than mine!!! I’m kidding, of course, and from time to time, his words may appear here!!

Until he gets a blog of his own!!!!!


Ho Ho Howdy,

It’s a plot. Just when I thought I could relax it drops on me like the 50 pound anvil from the Acme Tool Company pounding Wiley Coyote into the desert turf, as the time flashes by like the roadrunner. It’s Christmas and I’ve been as busy as a hamster on a wheel and yet I’m as poor as a church mouse. I still haven’t lit up all my sparklers from July 4th , there are remnants of turkey rotting in the fridge from Thanksgiving and now I have to deal with this!?! Lest you think that my skin is turning a shade of green and my heart has shrunk two sizes too small let me just say I can be as merry as the next guy. But what makes me puzzle and puzz till my puzzler’s sore is why, when I was a little tyke, it took FOREVER for Christmas to come yet now it seems to come every other day. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Well to justify my humbugliness and my complete failure to live up to society’s expectations, I thought I would borrow the music from that Christmas classic from John and Yoko and assault it’s sanctity by altering the title slightly and creating new lyrics. So would y’all join me now and sing along to….

Oh Sh** it’s Christmas

Oh sh** it’s Christmas
And what have I done
I still don’t have presents
For the old or the young

Oh sh** it’s Christmas
for rich and for poor,
I’ve run out of time now
To shop at the store

And so Happy Christmas
And I hope you have fun
But you may not get presents
cause my shopping’s not done

Shopping days are over
I just blew it
Shopping days are over now…

Oh sh** it’s Christmas
Not much to report
Another year’s whizzed by
And the money’s run short

Well oh sh** it’s Christmas
So I’ll just send my love
cause I can’t get more time
From the big man above

And so Happy Christmas
you don’t need to fear
cause if I’m lucky
I’ll have your presents next year

And so Happy Christmas
Dang look at the date
I’ve wasted so much time
even your cards will be late.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Bill