Temps got down to the 20’s last night, with wind chills in the “I don’t wanna think about it” range!!

The winds were really blustery – scary almost- I could hear them freight training it past the windows in the dark of night. The 40 mph winds were dragging the cold in with them from the west.

When I walked out to the barn this morning – both of my antique church pews had been hurled by the wind- one had actually been lifted and rolled at least twice about 5 feet away from its original location!!  Those babies are heavy – solid wood – so you know that wind was moving!!!

The husband was stoking the fires all yesterday, and at midnite, 3am, and 6am, in an effort to stave off unnecessarily high electric bills. There is something comforting about walking back to the house from the barn, and seeing a plume of smoke rising from the chimney. Means hearth, and warmth, and home to me…………………..

These are the days that barn chores don’t appeal to me – and I wish I had some hunky hired help (other than the husband, of course-who is on the mend from recent surgery)!

The daughter was tempted to do the snow dance- the one with pj’s on inside out that is supposed to guarantee snowfall? If she did it, it didn’t work- the only thing resembling snow was the frost on my windshield this morning!

The mud and puddles from the last few days’ rains have frozen into ice chunks and black ice. I hope the horses, tho’  blanketed and fuzzy, had the good sense to come into the barn last night. The submersible water heater kept the water in the trough ice free, but the hose and pump froze again – despite my best efforts to drain all the water out of the hose. So, tomorrow, we’ll be out there with a hair dryer – heating up the pump handle, and hoping the sun will warm up the hose. If not – we’ll be filling the trough in the bucket of the tractor again (see previous post about that adventure!) The old guys need their water to wash down their hay. They are on the 5th square bale of the winter, but still beg for the few remaining bits of green grass that are out in the hay field.

The bird feeders and porch railing are loaded with seed for the wild birds. One of the local hawks has adopted a tree near the house as his roosting spot. I hope it has nothing to do with the proximity of the bird feeder and its tiny patrons!!!

Tonite’s trek to the barn, to tuck the old guys in for the night, was overseen by the stars peeking from behind the clouds. I ran out of cracked corn for the deer – had one  corn cob left that I tossed for them. I feel bad – but I will run to the co-op tomorrow to get a new supply!

The horses were in the barn – it was 20 degrees at 7pm – no doubt it will be bone chilling by midnite. I fed them, straightened out their blankets, and put down some more flakes of hay, and bid them good night.

Coming back into the warm house, I am greeted with the aroma of the wood stoves, and the gingerbread cookies I finished earlier. It’s time to get on the sweatpants, get a warm dog and a hot cup of tea, and settle in for the night……………….

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite…………..


It’s almost 2009, do you know where your life is???……………….Oprah