While I’m waiting for the ‘kids’ to wake up – (they are 21 and 25 – so sleeping in on Christmas is the usual!) I thought I’d mention to all, that I FINALLY opened my Etsy site!!!

I started back in August, and got as far as registering and that was it!!! Procrastination, thy name is ME>>>!!!!!

In between baking cookies yesterday, I finally got busy and set up shop!!!  There are only 5 items in there (oops, 4 – I sold something last night!!! YAY!), but there are many more treasures waiting in the wings!! My inventory is seemingly endless!!

Most of the items will be for others to use in their altered art. I am always finding ‘stuff’ that I can see being reinvented or repurposed in a wonderful piece of art. I pick  up these things, thinking that someday I will use them myself, and have amassed quite a collection!!! But, it is time to share – so these items and other cool stuff I come across will be finding their way to my Etsy shoppe. Occasionally, some of my own creations will be offered too- if I can find the time to create, and can bear to part with it!!!!

All things rusty and  primitive-their ‘soul’ created by nature’s elements – found metal objects, some of which  I lovingly call ‘farm debris’ , can be found there. Vintage items- flour sacks, bakelite buttons, sewing boxes, (paper)ephemera, jewelry bits- anything art worthy, I will offer up!

Some will be sold individually, some combined into “Art-full” packages.

So bookmark me, check back often – the site is a work in progress, new things will be added daily!


Now I have to figure out how to get the Etsy logo on my blog – and make Christmas breakfast!!!



To all, a blessed and peaceful Christmas day with your loved ones………



All is well on this sunny, warm Christmas morn, at Mountain Meadows today…………………