For those of you who had inquired about my church pews- they were a fabulous freebie from the old church that borders the front of our property.

It is a lovely 100 year old Mennonite church, whose congregation scrimped and saved and just built a modern brick edifice right next to it.

Altho’  I prefer the old building, I am not a member of the congregation, so have no say. Anyway, the old pews, that had been used in the church, and then later outside, under cover in the picnic pavilion, were stacked by the side of the building.

My husband inquired for me – and turns out they were free for the taking!! Of course, the husband did not get right back to me with this info – because he really did not want me to have them. When I found out, I made him take the tractor over to bring one back. I got two – I would have taken them all – except for the obstacle that is the husband!!! I also got some very cool metal poles – the kind that hold the velvet ropes -haven’t figured out what I will do with those – but give me time…..!!!

I wanted one pew for my garden and the other out by the barn. They sat by the driveway for a month or so – giving the horses the shakes, every time they had to pass by them!!

Finally, I got to set them at the edge of the field – still working on the husband agreeing to put one near my garden!!!

Unfortunately, the winds have been roaring thru the fields lately. Not too long ago, we had almost 50mph winds that lifted the two pews and tossed them! One landed about 4 feet away from it’s  original spot!!

Those pews are heavy old wood, and I was shocked that the wind could do that!! Well, last night the wind picked up again – and picked up my pews and relocated them!!!

I left them turned over – and later this week, will have to move them again. The husband has started to see that in the garden – surrounded on almost 4 sides by a windbreak of trees- might be the best location for the pew!  The other one was to be set by the barn – still affording me my “view”, but sitting safely out of the wind.


I have better pix of this wonderful little church – but of course can’t find where they are hidden on the computer!!!

Love this view!

Love this view!

Upended pews need a new view!

Upended pews need a new view!

While the winds are whistling and the snowflakes are falling outside – now is the perfect time for staying inside!! The pews will stay where they are- so the wind doesn’t attack them again!! I’ll check on them later when I make my last trip out into the cold to say goodnight to the horses!

Right now, happiness is a good book, a hot cuppa tea (Peggy Krantz’s Chapped Chick Alfalfa Tea), and a warm dog!!!I’ll repeat that scene tonite after visiting the horses – but we’ll add a blankie and a hot fire to the picture!!!


All is well at Mountain Meadows on this last day of 2008….Happy New Year to all – and if the sky is clear tonite – watch out for the meteor shower- it’s supposed to be visible thru  January 4th! What a way to bring in the New Year!!!