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I just noticed I am now on my 201st post!!! I should have had a giveaway!!!

Guess  I wasn’t paying attention!!

But, what I WILL do, is have a GIVEAWAY CONTEST when I reach my 500th comment!!!

Right now I am at comment 479! When I receive my 500th comment – I will have the random number picker choose a winner from all the names who have commented -from comment # 480 thru comment#500.

Leave your comment at the end of this post – it shouldn’t take too long to reach my goal——only 20 comments to go!!!

Now, off I go to figure out what the prize will be!!!!

PS- I just realized – February 10th marks my one year blogiversary!!!!! Time flies – so keep checking back – I will have another giveaway celebrating my one year of blogging!!!!


All is well at Mountain Meadows, waiting for some more snow………..!!!!

I volunteer at a local thrift store 2 days a week for a couple of hours. It’s great fun, for a good cause, and helps support my ‘junque-ing’ habit!!! Volunteers get a  25% discount- and I get to see all the goodies as I help sort and price.

The bad thing about it is, because of my backround in antiques and collectibles, sometimes when I find something I like- the store figures  it must be something good – if  I like it – and occasionally it ends up in the shop’s silent auction!!

I don’t mind – their silent auction brings in alot of money for their cause- and if it is really something I MUST have , I can always bid on it!!

There are more times that I find some real bargains and goodies, that are already priced and out on the floor. I have really built up my pottery collection from shopping at thrift shops!

My favorite finds, of course, are items I can clean up and resell in my shop, or on eBay or Etsy. But sometimes there are just cool little doodads for 35 cents (minus my 25% discount!) – someone else’s trash can be my treasure!!!

Today was a bonanza – because from time to time, things are deemed not worthy for sale in the store and are tossed in the trash. There are some days when we will look in the trash and wonder what were “they” thinking- and the treasure comes home!!

That’s part of the fun of junque-ing – you never know what you will find!!! And, working behind the scenes at a thrift store has its perks!!!

Here’s a pic of todays’ ‘haul’!  The little speckled plate was cute – price was right at 50 cents- it is enamelled copper – and I have few similar pieces. I love copper!  When I got it home and examined it more closely – with my glasses on- I found a signature. Looked it up on the internet- it turned out to be a piece made by artist Jade Snow Wong, a well known San Francisco artist and author, who created a large body of work in enamel and copper. Her pieces were shown over the years in different museums. The highest price I found for a single similar plate was over $200!! Woohoo – pretty good for less than 50 cents!!

The needlepoint purse was tossed out – it’s beautiful! That will end up in my shop or online. The Wallace silverplate coffee/chocolate pot  was also a discard. Polished, it will look great in the spring with cut flowers! 3 sets of embroidered pillowcases (one of my weaknesses) were tossed in the rag pile, since they had some minor stains (they are now stain free!). The pail was a toss out – and will be useful in the barn. The bag of yarn was $1- and will be put to good use!

The most expensive item was the brand new glass Primula teapot  for $1.75 (minus my 25%!)- one can never have too many teapots, I say!!!

This little pile was mostly discards – and the items I paid for came to $3.00 total!

A pretty good day at the thrift store!!!!



All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite, dreamin’ of the next treasure hunt…….!!

I have been waiting for snow to  fall!!! There is no reason, in my mind, for it to be bone chillingly cold – without SNOW!!!

Finally, we got some – altho’ for all the hours it snowed, the amount was not too impressive!!! The grass is still peeking thru the layer of frozen stuff. In the afternoon, the snow turned to sleet, and altho’ I haven’t ventured out yet this morning -I’m guessing everything is a sheet of ice!  The schools are closed again today and the traffic seems minimal to non existent on the country road near my house.

Yesterday, the horses tottered into the barn on hooves that were packed with softball sized snowballs! They were like 4 legged ballerinas with a drinking problem!!! I felt so bad for them – and with much effort – picked out the snowballs, which were imbedded with hay, manure and rocks! Attractive, I know……………

Several people have told me to spray PAM, on the horses’ hooves, and that would keep the snow from sticking. Well, the daughter tried it – doesn’t work!!! The snow is just too wet. As soon as they go back outside – they start building up the snowballs again. It’s like icy platform shoes – the ‘old man’ went from 15/3 to almost 16 hands after circling the paddock!!!

I went for a walk yesterday, hoping to be the first out – to check the footprints in the snow. Except for one set of tire tracks down the old road – some adventurous soul already crossed the river in their car, I was the only set of human prints around.

The birds made zentangles in the snow, searching for any cracked corn the deer  left behind from the night before. The deer did not show up for dinner before or during the snowfall, their footprints are nowhere to be found. I guess they decided to hunker down in the woods and sleep out the storm.

Came across some rabbit tracks, and those of the feral cat who lives here somewhere. I left some lovely imprints in the virgin snow – as I found the ice hidden under the snow on the road, landing ungracefully on it!  When a wanderer falls in the woods, and there is no one there to hear it, does she make a sound?????? LOL

As I was wandering and taking pictures, I apparently disturbed a squirrel taking a potty break. Very perturbed, ( and wouldn’t you be?), this little squirrel scrambled out of his nest and loudly and virulently cursed me in squirrel-ese, as he raced to the top of a neighboring tree, safely out of reach of this ‘intruder’!! The huge fox squirrel hung bat like on the side of the tree, motionless, until I was safely out of his sight!

A pair of white crowned sparrows, hunkered down under the chair on my little bird feeding deck. I had poured some seed under the chair, away from the snow, and they took full advantage of the cover and the food, hanging around for quite some time, ignoring the huge human trying to take pictures of them thru the glass!

My church pews have a new cushion of ice glazed snow, very pretty, but not very comfy!

The temperatures are going up a little today – but it is still gray and cold outside. After I finish this post, I am going to slide to the Post Office and then spend the rest of the day inside, crocheting little treasures for my Etsy shoppe!!

White crowned sparrow feasting under the chair.

White crowned sparrow feasting under the chair.

Birds eating the deer corn- this is all the snow we got!!!

Birds eating the deer corn- this is all the snow we got!!!

Snow covered teasel

Snow covered teasel

The barn - before I left footprints on the driveway - for all the snowing it did, we did not get alot!

The barn - before I left footprints on the driveway - for all the snowing it did, we did not get alot!

Found metal object in the snow (vintage radiator coil)

Found metal object in the snow (vintage radiator coil)


Squirrel nest with wet spot- he was interrupted mid-potty!

Squirrel nest with wet spot- he was interrupted mid-potty!

Can you spot the angry squirrel clinging bat- like in the tree?

Can you spot the angry squirrel clinging bat- like in the tree?

All is well at Mountain Meadows on this snow glazed afternoon…………

Well, even tho’  I have no clue what I am doing or why I am doing this – here it is!!! As mentioned in a previous post, I am participating in two challenges from 2 of my favorite blogs.

For the Disintegration progression – I have put together some items that, in their final state, might work well in another piece! The idea is to take pictures of the deterioration process, as nature has her way with the piece. The lid that they are attached to, has been leaning against the barn, as a backdrop for my mint garden, just waiting for a new purpose in life!!!

When I went over to get the lid to bring into the house – apparently my dog thought he might be needed to help in speeding up the erosion process. I turned my back for a minute, and turned back to see him lifting his leg and leaving his ‘mark’  on the already rusty disc!!!!  Needless to say, I had to hose it off before I could bring it in and use it!!

I put together some ribbon, baling twine, old clothespins, hand dyed wool,  tags, and a local map, for the elements to have their way with!!! If they survive their time outdoors , I will use them in other projects. If they truly disintegrate, their new purpose in life will have been to have their demise  recorded!!





The other project is the Global Guerrilla Knit Up Challenge. Mine is crochet – since I don’t knit!! I chose a small tree on the old road that runs by our property. It is a public road, but secluded enough, that I wouldn’t get arrested for defacing public property!!! Actually, the tree is on my property at the edge of that road. This little tree is a Charlie Brown kind of tree – that I had turned into a bottle tree. As cars go down the road, the drivers have a tendency to litter and I am always picking up bottles on the side of the road. Unfortunately, the amount of bottles I have been collecting, is about to surpass the amount of branches on this spindly little tree!!!

I felt this little guy was worthy of decorating – and I wonder if the locals will notice as they go down the road!!!! When I got home, I started to worry, that maybe a bird might become entangled in the ties – so I may have to go down tomorrow to wrap the loose ends securely around the tiny trunk!

A spot of color in an otherwise dreary winter woods

A spot of color in an otherwise dreary winter woods


The links for these challenges are: http://www.thealteredpage.blogspot.com

and dneese.blogspot.com.  Both are in my blogroll, if you can’t access them from these links.


All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite – just waitin’ for the snow!!!!!!!

The weather channel is predicting a big snow, so what better time to get moving and participate in Seth’s art project!!  He has come up with Disintegration –  an ongoing art project    “in collaboration with nature”. Very interesting – read more about it on his blog:


Another one I might try today is the Global Guerilla Knit Up Challenge designed by a very interesting artist in Australia!  I don’t knit very well – but crocheting should do!  Read about this challenge :


If this link doesn’t work – both these folks are on my blogroll- just click on it there!!

It’s all about stepping out of my comfort zone, and thinking outside my usual box!!!! I will give it a try!!!

Now back to the every day stuff that I love- gotta go take care of the horses!


All is well and a little cold n’ grey at Mountain Meadows today – waitin’  for the snow…………………………….!!!!!

Yesterday I had company – and old friend who I hadn’t seen in at least 2-3 years.

After she left, I thought about it – and we have known each other for about 21 years!!! Time really flies!!!!

I moved to northern Virginia from California when my son was about 3  1/2 years old. He soon reached the age for preschool – or should I say the age when I could part with him for a few hours a day!

A local preschool was recommended, Winnie the Pooh Preschool.

I went to the meeting at the new school, and seated to my right was a very nice woman and we started chatting.  She was a member of a  local babysitting co-op, and asked if I might be interested in participating in something like that.

Well, the rest is history and we’ve been friends ever since. Altho, I do regret, that once the kids got older, we did not get together as much as I would have liked- work and life in general, always seemed to get in the way.

And, then, we moved.

Saturday brought her to my neck of the woods – and I am so glad she was able to find the time to stop by for a few hours.  We got to talk – I also got to unload several bird house gourds, jars of jam,  iris and daffodil bulbs into her trunk!!!! One never leaves my house empty handed!!!

Toward the end of our visit, Effie mentioned she had brought her quilts to show me. She is a relatively new quilter, and I had seen a picture of a quilt she made for her husband.

She brought along that one  and several others – they are absolutely fabulous!!!

The gift to her husband – who has always been an avid sailor, and is going for his captain’s license for big ships- is a stunning Mariner’s Compass – !

I have always admired this pattern – but would never attempt it for my first big quilt- don’t have the patience! But Effie did it – and did an unbelievable job!!! The woman who did the machine quilting for Effie also did an amazing job with hand guided and patterned quilting. This quilt definitely deserves to be in a Quilters Unlimited Show!!!

So, with no further ado – here are Effie’s quilts:

We had to drape it over the couch!

We had to drape it over the couch!

Fabulous fabric choices!

Fabulous fabric choices!

Closeup of the anchor and constellations machine quilting

Closeup of the anchor and constellations machine quilting

Hand guided feathering on reverse of the star

Hand guided feathering on reverse of the star

I love vintage rick rack - this is Effie's Rick Rack Road quilt

I love vintage rick rack - this is Effie's Rick Rack Road quilt

One of 2 T-shirt quilts she made for her son

One of 2 T-shirt quilts she made for her son

I must say – I am very inspired by Effie’s quilts!! I have always wanted to take my husband’s t-shirts – they are the history of his life- and put them in a quilt!!! I love the rick rack quilt, and am  fully aware that I will probably NEVER attempt a Mariner’s Compass!!

Seeing these has spurred me on, to get my machines tuned up, and get that studio in working order!!!

Thanks, Effie – it was a great visit and I hope it won’t be too long before the next one!!!

All is well at Mountain Meadows this Sunday afternoon…………………….


“Even manure has a place in life – I try to remember that when everything goes to shit!!!! Out of manure sprouts beauty……”————PM

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