Well, in the last post, I mentioned that due to some wordpress virus/bug, when I changed my backround theme, I lost my blogroll.

WordPress has not been able to figure it out – so I  took a chance and changed my backround again!! I am lost w/o my blogroll up front!!

With fingers and toes crossed, and silently praying that the ‘bug’ wouldn’t take EVERYTHING away, I clicked the ‘change theme’ button – and…..

VOILA!!! Blogroll is visible again!! YAY!!!  BUT, my Etsy button is not!!  When the Etsy button was installed, it apparently activated that mysterious  ‘bug’ -or something totally beyond my comprehension. I am not as computer literate as one might think (as my children will attest !)

Sooooo,  if ya’  wanna   find my Etsy link,  for  the time being, it is in my blogroll under Ooglebloop’s Treasures!

New Year’s Resolution (one of many): MUST take a computer class!!!!!

Now, it is time to back away from the computer – and get on with the day in the real world!!!!


All is well and cold, cold, cold, at Mountain Meadows today……………