Well, even tho’  I have no clue what I am doing or why I am doing this – here it is!!! As mentioned in a previous post, I am participating in two challenges from 2 of my favorite blogs.

For the Disintegration progression – I have put together some items that, in their final state, might work well in another piece! The idea is to take pictures of the deterioration process, as nature has her way with the piece. The lid that they are attached to, has been leaning against the barn, as a backdrop for my mint garden, just waiting for a new purpose in life!!!

When I went over to get the lid to bring into the house – apparently my dog thought he might be needed to help in speeding up the erosion process. I turned my back for a minute, and turned back to see him lifting his leg and leaving his ‘mark’  on the already rusty disc!!!!  Needless to say, I had to hose it off before I could bring it in and use it!!

I put together some ribbon, baling twine, old clothespins, hand dyed wool,  tags, and a local map, for the elements to have their way with!!! If they survive their time outdoors , I will use them in other projects. If they truly disintegrate, their new purpose in life will have been to have their demise  recorded!!





The other project is the Global Guerrilla Knit Up Challenge. Mine is crochet – since I don’t knit!! I chose a small tree on the old road that runs by our property. It is a public road, but secluded enough, that I wouldn’t get arrested for defacing public property!!! Actually, the tree is on my property at the edge of that road. This little tree is a Charlie Brown kind of tree – that I had turned into a bottle tree. As cars go down the road, the drivers have a tendency to litter and I am always picking up bottles on the side of the road. Unfortunately, the amount of bottles I have been collecting, is about to surpass the amount of branches on this spindly little tree!!!

I felt this little guy was worthy of decorating – and I wonder if the locals will notice as they go down the road!!!! When I got home, I started to worry, that maybe a bird might become entangled in the ties – so I may have to go down tomorrow to wrap the loose ends securely around the tiny trunk!

A spot of color in an otherwise dreary winter woods

A spot of color in an otherwise dreary winter woods


The links for these challenges are: http://www.thealteredpage.blogspot.com

and dneese.blogspot.com.  Both are in my blogroll, if you can’t access them from these links.


All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite – just waitin’ for the snow!!!!!!!