I volunteer at a local thrift store 2 days a week for a couple of hours. It’s great fun, for a good cause, and helps support my ‘junque-ing’ habit!!! Volunteers get a  25% discount- and I get to see all the goodies as I help sort and price.

The bad thing about it is, because of my backround in antiques and collectibles, sometimes when I find something I like- the store figures  it must be something good – if  I like it – and occasionally it ends up in the shop’s silent auction!!

I don’t mind – their silent auction brings in alot of money for their cause- and if it is really something I MUST have , I can always bid on it!!

There are more times that I find some real bargains and goodies, that are already priced and out on the floor. I have really built up my pottery collection from shopping at thrift shops!

My favorite finds, of course, are items I can clean up and resell in my shop, or on eBay or Etsy. But sometimes there are just cool little doodads for 35 cents (minus my 25% discount!) – someone else’s trash can be my treasure!!!

Today was a bonanza – because from time to time, things are deemed not worthy for sale in the store and are tossed in the trash. There are some days when we will look in the trash and wonder what were “they” thinking- and the treasure comes home!!

That’s part of the fun of junque-ing – you never know what you will find!!! And, working behind the scenes at a thrift store has its perks!!!

Here’s a pic of todays’ ‘haul’!  The little speckled plate was cute – price was right at 50 cents- it is enamelled copper – and I have few similar pieces. I love copper!  When I got it home and examined it more closely – with my glasses on- I found a signature. Looked it up on the internet- it turned out to be a piece made by artist Jade Snow Wong, a well known San Francisco artist and author, who created a large body of work in enamel and copper. Her pieces were shown over the years in different museums. The highest price I found for a single similar plate was over $200!! Woohoo – pretty good for less than 50 cents!!

The needlepoint purse was tossed out – it’s beautiful! That will end up in my shop or online. The Wallace silverplate coffee/chocolate pot  was also a discard. Polished, it will look great in the spring with cut flowers! 3 sets of embroidered pillowcases (one of my weaknesses) were tossed in the rag pile, since they had some minor stains (they are now stain free!). The pail was a toss out – and will be useful in the barn. The bag of yarn was $1- and will be put to good use!

The most expensive item was the brand new glass Primula teapot  for $1.75 (minus my 25%!)- one can never have too many teapots, I say!!!

This little pile was mostly discards – and the items I paid for came to $3.00 total!

A pretty good day at the thrift store!!!!



All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite, dreamin’ of the next treasure hunt…….!!