Note to self: After showering, when applying body lotion, start from the top!!! Put on eye cream BEFORE rubbing in the Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion!!!! That is an eye opening experience I don’t want to go thru again!!!!!

Now that I am wide awake, LOL, I have completed the morning chores, which basically all revolve around food!

Feed the dogs, feed the indoor critters, feed the horses, fill the outdoor bird feeders, and spread the sunflower seeds on the deck railing. Throw out the cracked corn for the deer, and something I swore I’d NEVER do – feed the feral cat…….!

The husband threw out stale bread for the birds the other morning, and later on, I saw the wild black cat out there. We thought he might be eating a bird or a mouse, but actually, he was eating the bread. I went out to check, and he ran away, of course. But, the bread remained – he had been chewing the edges, and licking it, so that it was flat and sodden.

The husband left strict orders (and we all know how well those are obeyed!)- that there would be NO FEEDING any cats!!!

Well, in reality, HE was the one who fed the cat first!!!!

So, when no one was looking,  I ran out with a can of tuna, and placed a bowl near my vegetable garden, in the path the cat usually takes. It took him about an hour to return- but I saw him eating there – he cleaned that bowl!!

Sooo, unbeknownst to husband, (sshhhhhh) we are feeding the cat!!!

I am pretty sure it is a male, and he probably lived under our old house, until the fire dept had their practice burn. He probably has relocated to one of the other out buildings. He hangs around the round bales, searching for mice, and has apparently survived quite well, up until now. But with temps falling into the teens, and seeing him eat the bread- I’m sorry, I will risk the wrath of husband- we are feeding the cat!!!

Having the cat outside has been a bit inconvenient- the dogs go crazy, and we always have to check before we take them out unleashed, to make sure the cat is not around. But, we did that anyway, to make sure there are no deer or groundhogs around, before we took the dogs out to play ball. Chasing deer wins out over playing ball any day!!! As would chasing,  possibly catching, and killing a cat!!! I have no doubt that at least one of the dogs could catch the cat – unless the cat took to a tree!!!

But, the cat is here, and if there is any indication he is a she, the cat will be trapped, spayed and brought back here.

Animals are a very welcome part of living in the country – even if it IS a cat!!!

Now that the chores are done – it’s time for me to go eat!!!!!


Per request – here are some pix of the cat!!! Since he is very feral – I can’t get anywhere near him. I took these from my deck-not the best camera- sorry – no close ups!!!

Stalking something in the long grass

Stalking something in the long grass

Whatever it was, I think he caught it - he kept this pose for a few minutes, tail furiously wagging!

Whatever it was, I think he caught it - he kept this pose for a few minutes, tail furiously wagging!

Surveying his domain...

Surveying his domain...

The garbage in the backround is the remains of the old house, basically the cinderblock foundation , and whatever didn’t burn. This was probably where the cat had been living. He has relocated to one of the other outbuildings .


All is well on this sunny Sunday morning, the day before Groundhog Day…