We had the farrier visit yesterday. He’s a great guy, and always has a new story to tell.

He is always rescuing animals, and had a great story about a little buck that he rescued from some drunken fools who were trying to beat it to death.

He brought it home, and made an enclosure to keep it in til it healed. He made the gate low enough, so that the deer could leap over it when it was fully recovered. He felt that would be the true test – if the deer could leap over the gate and escape, he was well enough to be on his own.

He hand fed the little deer every day, and one day, when he went in the enclosure, the deer rushed at him, hooves flailing. The farrier ducked out of the way, and the deer sailed over the enclosure. With nary a thank you or a backward glance, the little buck took off.  He really didn’t expect any thanks, but he knew he had done the right thing.

While the farrier was shoeing our horses, I left the barn for a minute, leaving my daughter in charge.

Later on, my daughter mentioned the farrier had said he had two tiny ponies that he had rescued and was looking to place. She knew we were really looking for a third full sized horse for the husband, so she didn’t say anything. But she talked my ear off about it later!!

Sooo, this afternoon, if the farrier calls, we are going to go and take a look at this little pony.  She would make a good companion for my other two, who hate to be separated.

If it’s meant to be, it will, but I must be nuts………………………….!!! I’ll keep you posted!