….to hear about the rescue pony. When the husband heard there were two available, he said why not just take them both!!! Woohoo!! I am still waiting to get a call back- am getting a little anxious. But, I guess, if it was meant to be, it will………………..

Since I was waiting around for the call, I was trying to decide what to do with myself today. I did the barn chores, took blankets off the horses, ran to the PO, and fed the feral cat.

I was not too happy to see the feral cat was limping. After he ate, a young groundhog made his way along the tree line and headed right for where the cat was sitting. The cat stared him down for a minute, then arched his back like a Halloween cat and took off. The groundhog scurried under the grape vines and disappeared.

So, spring is indeed upon us – almost!!!! The weather will be getting warmer each day thru Sunday, I saw two robins last week and one in my driveway this morning. And, the groundhogs have come out of hibernation! Of course, upon hearing that, when he came home from work, the husband changed out of his uniform, and got the rifle. He looked not unlike a tall, thin Elmer Fudd, stalking the elusive young groundhog.

I am not too happy about the hunting of the groundhogs, but they are sooo prolific, and manage to get in my garden, despite the electric fencing, and the garbage can sized holes they leave  in the fields, are just too dangerous for the horses.

On my to-do list today was: dye wool, plant bulbs, clean house- in no particular order. Being of scattered mind, and waiting for that phone call, I did none of those!!!

I did take a walk tho – the weather was beautiful, and I decided to go down where the deer hang out, to see if I could find any antlers. I crisscrossed the field, and checked every rubbed tree and flattened area where the deer bed down. I checked all the trails, but to no avail. I did take a few pictures tho – there was a flock of ducks that managed to get away from my camera 3 times on my walk.

Not my neighborhhod deer!

Not my neighborhood deer!


Downed tree trunk

Downed tree trunk


One of the old pieces of farm equipment left behind...

One of the old pieces of farm equipment left behind...

All is well at Mountain Meadows tonite……………………..