Well, I am late as usual this morning- it’s a rainy Saturday- and cold!

I was hoping to get up at the crack of early and get to the community yard sale. It started at 7am, and is indoors at the Community Center. The days of being an early bird at a yard sale are pretty much over for me!! Too lazy!!!

I plan to have one of my own in two weeks – after swearing last year that I would NEVER do it again!!! But I have got to seriously purge the garage!! After living here for two years, and still having boxes stacked high, it’s time to purge!!!!

So, that is part of my reluctance to get out to a yard sale early – I don’t NEED anything!!!

But part of yard saling is the thrill of the hunt – not actually searching for things you need!

I am always on the lookout for things to refurbish and put in the shop. But with the economy in the state that it’s in, sales in the shop, both land and online, are down considerably.

People are shopping for bargains and necessities, and keeping their cash close.

The other reason to go to town is to see if the small Farmers’ Market has started up yet. Last year, it consisted of 3 farmers (we live in a small town!)I need to find out how to get in on that. Last year was the first real year of my garden, and we canned and put up tons of veggies. I found we had more that we actually needed over the winter. So, I would like to grow more, can what we need and sell the rest. I thought about putting a little booth down at the end of the drive, but maybe I’ll test the waters in town first, and think about a booth next year!I would like the booth at the end of the drive to have a section that is “take what you need, pay what you can” for those who can’t afford much or anything.

Herbs, cut flowers, veggies as they come into season, blackberries, homemade scones and cakes, with a couple of handmade aprons and grocery tote bags thrown in the mix!! I think it might be fun, and the little money made could be invested into next year’s garden.

Well, while I am sitting here talkin’ about it – the days’ awastin’!!!

Here are some pix of my booth in the antique shop in town. This shop is by no means a fancy place, but alot of the nicest people work and go there. A fun place to display and hopefully sell some of those fabulous finds!!!






hand crocheted baby and child size hats

hand crocheted baby and child size hats




Cookie jars and Longaberger anyone?

Cookie jars and Longaberger anyone?

Thanks for visiting!!! If you see something you just HAVE to have, let me know!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All is well at Mountain Meadows this Saturday morning…………………