Well, it wasn’t exactly a tea break, but I took my new mug out to the barn, with the dog and the rakes.

I had just poured a cup of Yogi lemon pepper tea, and figured I would see if I could make it all the way to the barn without spilling it!!

I did, and put it on a fence post in the sun while I did chores.

I trusted my one dog, Sunman, to stay by my side and go to the barn without a leash. I told him we were going to look for mousies – something he loves to do – he hasn’t caught one yet!!! Like his owner, he is easily distracted- if a deer were to burst out of the trees – off Sunman would go in hot pursuit!!! So, he is not off leash too often, unless in a fenced in area, even tho we live in the middle of nowhere!

I did have to hold his collar when I escorted him thru the barn to the paddock – he doesn’t comprehend that chasing horses could cause him major injury!

So, while Sunman chased a ball and rolled in manure, I raked the rocks out of the front of the barn, changed water buckets and pulled drowned mousies out of the buckets – eeewww!!!

I would pause every now and then, to sip my tea, look at the mountains, and listen to the woodpeckers call to each other as their pounding breakfast search echoed off the hills.

It’s warm again today, the flies have defrosted and the gnats are hovering overhead.

The husband has 6 large planters ready to go – with aged chicken and horse manure, to start some of the planting. The planters are big colorful buckets from Lowes that have rope handles – so we can drag them in if a late frost appears. We have to go out today and roll up the plastic over the veggie garden to get it ready for rototilling.

The daughter wants to bathe the horses- altho it is warmer out – the well water is frigid – I am not sure that would be a kind thing to do just yet!!!

Time to go help the husband do some yard work – so I must step away from the computer – break’s over!!!


All is well, with spring just over the horizon at Mountain Meadows this afternoon………………….