I have mentioned in previous posts about the mice in our barn. They started out being cute, and have progressed to being a nuisance. I still leave little treats for them whenever I feed the horses (I know, I know…!)

They would be in the barn, whether I fed them or not – at least I don’t have rats – like the barn we last boarded the horses in! It’s just part of living in the country. This winter, we will try to encourage them to live elsewhere tho!! It probably won’t work!!!!

Occasionally, I will find a dead mouse or two, and will take them out to the field, or bury them.

But in recent days, I have found 3 mice, several days in a row, floating in the horses’ water buckets. Eeew!! Apparently, they run along the rails, see the hay  that falls out of the horses’ mouths floating in the water pail, and assume, quite wrongly, that that will help them walk on water!

So, in the interest of science – I have always had an interest in bones, and how things are put together.  These 3 mice were not carted off by any critters as a snack, so I decided to use them as an experiment.

In a somewhat macabre variation of Seth’s Dinsintegration Project (http://www.thealteredpage.blogspot.com)-sorry, Seth- I have created a mini ‘bone farm’ – Three Blind Mice Disintegration Project.

I will probably lose alot of readers today!!! :>)

I used to do science classes  for elementary school kids, dissecting owls pellets, and putting the skeletons back together. The kids loved it. So, think of this as scientific ! If these little mice are not carted off by some wild thing or feral cat, I want to keep track of their …. deterioration. A crow will probably snatch them before it ever gets that far.

Kids – do NOT try this at home!!!!

The mouse on the far right died 5 days earlier than the other 2

The mouse on the far right died 5 days earlier than the other 2


Life goes on…………..at Mountain Meadows this morning………………