At last, the long awaited day has arrived!!!! Three friends were coming for tea!

That resulted in a quick sprucing up of the house (at least the parts they would see!) Vacuuming up all the lady bug carcasses that seem to accumulate overnite, and corralling the dust ponies that gravitate to under the couches for a dust pony convention- having company reminds you of what should be done on a daily basis, but never is- at least, not around here!!!

I got to use my mom’s dinnerware, that I have drooled over and coveted my whole life!!! It was not my intent, but when I started looking for grandma’s eggshell Homer Laughlin dinnerware with the teapot – horrors!! it must still be packed away!!! Fortunately, the very vintage Organdie Vernonware was unpacked and ready to go!!!My mother bought it for her mother’s Rhinebeck country house, more than 50 years ago, and the design still looks current today!

I decided not to add stress to an already stressfull (in my mind) program, and got the daughter to pick up scones from the local coffee shop! Theirs are delicious, and ready to eat!!! I made mock Devonshire cream to go with them – yum!!

We had cucumber finger sandwiches, not quite as pretty as the tea room might serve – but good, nonetheless. Also chicken salad on crackers, and a concoction of cream cheese, sour cream,bacon bits and broccoli on crackers, that turned out to be quite tasty. Sweet tea, and and assortment of hot tea was on the ‘menu’. I taste tested everything the night before, and was hoping everyone would like it as much as I did!!!

There were little gifts to go around – this group never meets empty handed!!! We also had a book exchange- the unchosen books stayed with me, and will be donated to the local thrift store next week.

The torrential downpours (which we needed desperately) were kind enough to totally let up while everyone was here!

The ladies were happy to finally put a face to everything they have read about in this blog!!! And I was so happy to share it all with them!!

The river was flowing fast and furious, after almost 2 inches of rain yesterday and today. The daughter found heart shaped rocks for Patty and I. The horses grudgingly posed for pictures – the ‘old man’ almost bowling Patty over, as he nudged the stall door aside in his rush to get a snack!!!

Lennie’s wish was to sit in the church pew – and the wish was granted!!!

It is nice to see what we love thru others eyes. Things that we might begin to take for granted – altho I never take living here for granted- are revived when others see them for the first time!

I have to thank Lennie for my giant wooden star and fern- and Judy for the ‘tea’  spoon, and Patty for the grape hyacinths in a teacup and love in a mist fern.

And, for taking the time to drive all the way out here and share the day!!!!!

I found an old saying the other day that fits perfectly here:

1 cup of tea = a stranger

2nd cup of tea= a friend

3rd cup of tea means you are family


Overkill- making sure I had enough hot water!!!!

Overkill- making sure I had enough hot water!!!!

The table- with my 'mugger hugger' gifts on the plates

The table- with my 'mugger hugger' gifts on the plates

BTW, ‘mugger huggers’ are wrapped around the coffee cups you get from Starbucks, etc. Made them out of pieced batik squares, vintage button, and wool  backing. Much more stylish that the cardboard sleeves that you get with the coffee!


The gals and my mom

The gals and my mom

On the pew, enjoyin' the view......l-r me, Lennie, Judy, Patty

On the pew, enjoyin' the view......l-r me, Lennie, Judy, Patty


All is well, at Mountain Meadows today, thankful for rain, and good friends…