Economic times being what they are, it seems like EVERYONE is getting into gardening nowadays!

Whispering is overheard at the co-ops and hardware stores – better get your canning jars now – so many new people have been coming in to buy them – that when we need ’em – they’ll be all gone!!!

That appears to be true. But, I have all I need. Altho’, this year, we have doubled our garden space, with a new corn and potato garden down by the river.

My regular garden, thanks to Mr. Green Jeans, is moving along quite nicely!! All the seeds have finally poked thru the ground. The last to show face were the parsnips, preceded by the carrots and tomatoes. Tomatoes proved to be a little more difficult to grow by seed out doors. I probably should have started them inside long ago. But I’m not worried – I have plenty of tomatoes of all kinds happily growing- cherry, yellow striped, a variety of heirlooms, along with a selection of beefy sandwich types. A late cold spell killed just about all of my first planting. I have learned that you can protect certain plants from frost – but NOT from the cold.

Gardens everywhere were sprouting plastic tubs and milk containers a couple of weeks ago, in an effort to save young plants.

But, we have rebounded from that cold – having more rain than we know what to do with and sunny days in between.

The National Gardening Association tells us that a 600 square foot garden (average sized) will produce 300 pounds of vegetables WOW!!! That would be worth about $600 – after spending maybe $70 to get it all going!

That is not hard to believe, considering the one year, in our old house in suburbia, I was bringing in 20+ pounds of tomatoes every other day- and that was with only 6 or 7 plants.

Farmers’ Market – here I come!!! It is alot of work – altho Mr. Green Jeans does most of the heavy work – I do the weeding and nurturing and harvesting. As DH mows, he takes the grass clippings and spreads them around the garden to keep the weeds under control. And, I am proud to say – so far, my gardens are pesticide free- and I hope they can remain that way. We are still working on perfecting the “pest” free – keeping the rabbits, groundhogs and other little critters out of there!!

I have started more seedlings, and the garage has turned out to be the perfect place for that! Who needs a greenhouse?? The garage stays nice and warm, and is light enough for the little ones to grow. Altho, a greenhouse might be a nice little project some day!!

The herbs have been relocated to the garden by the front porch. One side is dedicated to lavender, the other a mix of flowers and herbs. It does make it easier when I need something fresh for dinner!

The guys are coming tomorrow, weather permitting , to put the trusses and roof on the new pole barn that DH built. All this to house the Kubota and the 1st 600 bales of hay, that we may get to cut, if it ever stops raining long enough for the ground to dry out!

Homegrown lunch!!

Homegrown lunch!!

Partial row of tomatoes (pre-weeding and rototilling!)

Partial row of tomatoes (pre-weeding and rototilling!)

My little friend, who thoroughly enjoyed the misting I gave the seedlings!!

My little friend, who thoroughly enjoyed the misting I gave the seedlings!!


As the day draws to a close, all is well, and growing nicely, at Mountain Meadows this evening…………………………………..