Yesterday was my first day as a vendor at the local Farmers’ Market.

I was cool, until I woke up yesterday morning, and was instantly a nervous wreck!!! Thank goodness DH was able to go with me!! He drives me crazy, but he keeps me sane!!!

Since I don’t have a canopy yet, I was thankful that it was overcast!  It turned out to be a very nice morning! Not the greatest in sales, but I’m the new kid on the block. I sold a few things, made a few friends, and had a local friend or two show up to support me.

My vegetables are not in yet, so the farmers who have them, had the best sales. There are the loyal customers, who come back every year, looking for their favorite veggie or pie. And it helps to be a “local”, so you pretty much know everyone who walks by. I don’t have that luxury, only having lived here 2  1/2 years.

I did sell a lavender eye mask, some teas, scones and pound cake. Having samples out to taste helps!! As I was unloading the car, a lady bought several of my bird house gourds before I even had a chance to put them out! Woohoo!!

Of course, the vendors buy from each other- I got some wonderful lettuce, the quality and price of which FAR surpasses produce from the big chain supermarkets. I just finished my own lettuce, and  am starting a new lettuce crop, so was happy to buy from my neighbor. It might be a little too hot for lettuce now, but I will see how it goes.

One of the produce vendors raises llamas, and he is going to bring me some fleece next week – woohoo!!!

The camaraderie at the sale soon put me at ease. I got advise about chickens, something I hope to have very soon. Also got insight into the chicken industry, which is a big thing out here. Advice on growing vegetables, and keeping bugs away was freely given. And, found100_3990 out that one of the vendors lives right across the road from me!!

Everyone is willing to share about pricing- so that no one is undercutting anyone else. Prices are all pretty equal and fair. I sold my first couple of bird house gourds, unpainted, for 75 cents each – I was informed the going rate is $2!!!! Since I was the only one selling them (apparently they sell like gangbusters in the fall), my price was not a problem. But it will be up to $2 next week!! guess I better plant some more for next year!!!

My best tip of the day – which I intend to try out today – was how to eradicate flies!!! Now if you have read any of my previous posts, you know flies are the bane of my existance!!! Hate ’em and they drive me (and my horses) nuts!!!

I had noticed this “remedy” on the door of a local shop – and had no idea what it was!! Apparently, and no one knows why it works, but swear it does, if you fill a ziploc baggie with water and duct tape it near a door, or any area where flies get inside- they will stay away!!

Our flies get in thru the garage entry to the house, and also thru the doggie door. If this method works, I will be a happy camper!!! The ladies at the market suggested I try it in the barn also – but I would have to literally wallpaper the barn walls with water filled baggies!! I don’t understand how a little baggie of water will repel flies, when a water bucket or trough has no effect- but I am going to give it a shot!!!

So, all in all, it was a great morning at the market. I will be getting a canopy this week, mom is woodburning a sign to hang on the canopy, and I am working on a quilted one for the table. I may even have some zucchini ready to sell by next weekend!

DH manning my table

DH manning my table


All is well, with some actual sun, at Mountain Meadows, early this Sunday morning………………………………………….