I was out last night about 8pm, taking a stroll down the old dirt road that abuts my property. Camera in hand, I was snapping away – mostly the wildflowers and day lilies that are now profusely blooming.

I was getting ready to change direction and head down to the river, when some movement caught my eye.

From the direction of the river, a little figure was happily gamboling up the road toward me, with a rollicking, rolling gait- not a care in the world. This little critter had a definite destination in mind, and not having the best eyesight, was totally unaware of me.

Discretion being the better part of valor, and I decided I had better let my presence be know! I softly said hi, and it took a few words, before he/she realized I was standing right in his path.

When realization hit, that a human was there, his total demeanor changed, from a happy, carefree look, to an expression that kind of said “Oh, crap!”

He pulled what I’ve come to call a “Miss Lilly”. If you’ve read my other posts, Miss Lilly is our miniature horse. Adorable as she is, when Miss Lilly doesn’t want to do something, she pins her ears, and turns her back on you, threatening to kick – which she never does!

My little visitor pulled a “Miss Lilly” – but instead of threatening to kick, he raised his tail!!!ย  It was a skunk!!!!! Unlike Miss Lilly, I was pretty sure he would carry out his threat if need be!!

We were at a standoff! He had a destination in mind and was not going to veer from his course!! I tried to take a few pictures of this little “flower” (remember Flower from Bambi?), and of course my camera battery was low – too many real flower pix! I started backing up, all the while murmuring sweet nothings to keep little Flower calm. Finally got the camera to work and got two shots of him.ย  This was the best one!

Unfortunately, I was wearing my old slip on sneakers that I wear to the river, and now I had to hike down the gravel road to another access to my property. As I glanced over my shoulder, I could see the skunk had resumed his walk- altho a bit more cautiously. So, there was literally no turning back. I had to cut across the field to get home. I was very happy that the hay had been cut and baled, so most of the grass was short! The idea of walking thru waist high grasses in capris and slip ons was not appealing – ticks and snakes!!! I may be a country girl – but I am not so country that I cavort thru the field barefoot and fancy free!!!

Walks at dusk turn up many interesting things- it’s never dull. Now we can add skunk to our list of residents. I hope to see him again – from a distance! Soooo glad I didn’t have any of the dogs with me!!!!

If you hear someone walking just before dark, talking to herself – that would be me – carrying on a singular conversation so that the wildlife is aware of me, before I am aware of them!!!

The stand off!

The stand off!


All is well at Mountain Meadows early on Friday morning………….