Well, it’s Tuesday morning and I am actually on time for tea!!! I’ve been posting TT on my other blog – so here’s the link:


As I mentioned in that post, I did go out to pick raspberries – but, as I thought, the crop is just about gone. there are maybe 10 berries left to ripen – we’ll see who gets them first, the critters or me!!!

The blackberries promise to be a bumper crop- cannot wait for that!!! Should be ready in another 2 weeks!

I took Princess Allie, one of our 4 pits, on the berry picking walk. She is the only one who will listen off leash – sort of. She will head where I point, and return, if I call. And, being almost 7, and a tad bit portly, does not have the speed necessary to really catch anything (other than a ground hog).

She enjoyed her walk – altho saw a rabbit(?) and chased that into the brush, then saw a deer all the way across the field and took off after it. I called her and she did return – but I am not sure that she came because I asked her to, or that she realized that the deer was pretty far away – and it might be a wasted trip, by the time she reached it!!

She checked out the ground hog holes, and marked her territory -face it- it’s ALL her territory!!! We meandered over to check out my vegetable garden, and Allie got there first and took off! I can only assume that the feral cat was sitting there- but Allie can’t and won’t fit thru the sticker bushes, so the cat was pretty safe!

Allie is having a pretty good couple of days – she played soccer with my son, who is visiting and adores her. She went swimming in the river with him, posed for endless amounts of photos, and last evening went swimming at the fishing hole with him. Needless to say, no fish were caught with Allie splashing around!

Right now, Allie is resting, like the queen she is (or is that princess?), and when the son arises, she will be ready for another day in the water with him!!!

Playing ball in the river

Playing ball in the river


All is well, and still a bit sunny, at Mountain Meadows this morning………