I have been remiss in posting on this blog – my other one, Artfully Ooglebloops always seems simpler.The posts are shorter- this is what I’ve created today, here’s a pic, here’s a link!

In this Ooglebloop’s World, I tend to go on and on and have a ton of pictures to share and it seems to take so much time!!

Now that summer is here, and farm duties and gardening are at the height of busyness, I have been neglecting this blog.

But, I have TONS of pictures to share and talk about, so much has been going on – I just have to find the time!!!

My last post on “artfully” should have really been posted here – but here is a link to keep you up to date on what’s been going on!! Hint: the topic is…..TORNADO


It’s raining here today – so early morning berry picking is out.  I may have to venture out to pick some beans and check on the garden, but for the most part, today is an indoor day. Organize the pantry, make something with the potatoes we have stored, make some sourdough bread from my 133 year old(!) starter, and maybe some blackberry jelly, if I feel ambitious!!! Oh, and a trip to the PO to mail some eBay stuff.

I will try to get back here later tonite to post some pix……………….


All is well, busy, and rainy, at Mountain Meadows this Wednesday morning…