As autumn approaches, the animals become more visible. I don’t know if it is because the density of the forest is not what it was, or because the hunt for a meal becomes more intense.

The moon was rising quickly over the treeline, while we were at the barn. It’s amazing how a full moon can actually be seen moving upward!

First, we heard a turkey in the brush..then, a gosh awful screaming  came out of the woods. The horses all turned in unison, and faced the sound. Ears pricked toward the racket, they followed it, as it moved along the fence line.

It was a fox – it’s yapping can take you by surprise, if you have never heard it before. The first time I heard a startled deer was unnerving – but the fox call can send chills down your spine, when  you’re walking the dark path back to the house!!!

Fortunately, I don’t have any chickens yet, so this fox is helping keep the mouse population down. I hope in the spring, I can see the little ones – they are amazing to watch. Very playful and curious, the babies have little fear of humans initially. I can remember watching a litter of cubs/kits playing in a woodpile at another barn, watching me watch them! Apparently, the mother fox was not as carefree – she moved the little family elsewhere by the next day. They probably all got a stern lecture about those humans!!!!

If you want to hear what we heard tonite – go to this youtube video -it’s not our fox – but you will get the idea!!