This is a post that is usually seen on my OTHER blog- but since Blogger is having issues with loading photos – and this blog has been ignored of late, I am posting it here!

We are back to regular T.o.T., without a set theme, just winging it- writing whatever comes to mind!!!I want to thankĀ  Kimmie for organizing our themes last month!!!

I haven’t a thought in my head today, so I skimmed thru’ my little book, 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know.

I opened to page 40 to this quote from Sir Arthur Pinero:

“Where’s there’s tea there’s hope.”

That’s so true, when you need to relax, or are having a bad day, sit back, relax, with a favorite mug, filled with your favorite tea. Just clutching the hot mug, and inhaling the scented steam, can clear your head, and calm your mind.
My favorite of late, is lemongrass tea- the soothing lemon scent and flavor is a definite favorite!

In keeping with the tea theme- look what I found at the local thrift store yesterday!!
This precious little teapot clock just needs a new battery! The tiny dinerware style cup and saucer, with its faded painted flowers, will become a pin cushion or a candle. The cute little tin floral dish is so sweet- and perfect for spring!!! Total spent- about $2.50!!!

The little postcard is a work in progress- for Sunday Postcard -the theme this week is tea! On the blog, Pieces of D, I spotted another challenge, using the backround paper from Art Creations Friday. With lovely photos from The Graphics Fairy, this is a work in progress – I had hoped to have it done by today, but still have a few more things to add to it!!

I am really getting into this paper thing this week!!! This, along with the zentangles andĀ  inchies I am working on, with my cute little inchie supplies from Inchie Arts LLC, and the Travel Postcard Swap- I’m keeping busy!!