Today Miss Lilly, my miniature horse, is 11 years old.

Unfortunately, she is not having a very happy birthday.

Since Thursday night, she has been having a rather hard time of it- and I am about at my wit’s end.

First I thought it was colic- and it was after 5pm. Called the vet right away, he came immediately, treated her, and told me what to keep an eye out for. She appeared to perk up, but by the next night, she was back in the same state again.

The vet came back. He asked if she had pooped, – I thought she had, so he continued to treat her for colic, plus ulcers.

Saturday morning, she was even worse- back came the vet- I must have been mistaken about seeing the poop – because now we are leaning toward impaction.  So, more banamine, some penicillin (now there was a slight fever), mild sedation to facilitate the saline enema, and tube down the stomach to get some mineral oil in there to help dislodge whatever blockage there might be. Also she needed hydration, and got two shaved spots on her neck, to be able to locate veins under that thick fur.

This resulted in a 7 hour “Lilly watch”- mostly by Mr. Green Jeans in his lawn chair- waiting for some poop!!!I was perfectly willing to sit out there – but he wanted to do it.

Minimal success at  7 pm – not alot to crow about – but something is better than nothing. We bagged that to save for the vet. Nothing like saving horse poop in your refrigerator!!

Early Easter Sunday morning, Lilly’s birthday, found her flat out on the grass again, definitely  not feeling good. As I scoured the area for any signs of her poop, she got up, bolted across the paddock to me, and threw herself on the ground in front of me- as if pleading with me to help her.

I spoke to the wonderful vet- got the family together to give her more banamine, her ulcer med, and penicillin. The good thing was – she fought like the feisty little mare she is- something she has not done the past few days- so another enema was out of the question today!!! She is grazing and drinking- a very good thing- let’s hope it comes out the other end………..and that I don’t have to call the vet again before the night is over! She is still definitely NOT back to her normal self.

Tomorrow morning, I will have the regular vet here again  -for spring shots- and another set of eyes to evaluate what is going on with poor Miss Lilly. Fingers crossed that tomorrow we’ll have the answers and the cure……..